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The red dress is a dress featured in Fallout 4.


An elegant, sparkling, red dress, accompanied by a pair of brown high heels. The dress has a consistent design regardless of the gender of the wearer. It provides no physical protection, but it gives the player +2 Charisma. However, it can be upgraded with the ballistic weave mod.


  • Worn by Magnolia in The Third Rail in Goodneighbor. She can be killed or pick pocketed (the player must have at least the Pickpocket Level 4 perk in order to take it from her).
  • Sometimes sold by Anne Hargraves at the level 4 clothing emporium.
  • fo4fhGametitle-FO4 FH One in Vault 118.


This is one of only a few pieces of clothing featured in a Fallout title that does not change style based on gender (the first being Benny's suit in Fallout: New Vegas). Other consistent items of clothing are the Silver Shroud costume and the tuxedo. In previous games, a clothing item that appeared as a dress when worn by a female usually changed to a suit when worn by a male.

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