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The Red Rocket truck stop is a location in the Commonwealth and a possible settlement in 2287.


This was once Concord's nuclear coolant replenishment and service station. Before the Great War, employees there dumped the hazardous materials that resulted from their repairs in a cave located beneath the station instead of disposing of them properly.[1] After the war, it sits abandoned, except for a lone dog and a few mole rats.


Inside of the garage, there is both a workshop and a power armor station. An armor workbench, a weapons workbench, a cooking station and a chemistry station can also be found around the garage.

Notable lootEdit


  • The mole rats do not appear immediately. Wait around or explore the nearby area and eventually Dogmeat will bark, indicating danger. The mole rats will never appear until the dog is greeted.
  • This location gives insight into the resource crisis and wild inflation before the Great War by way of the coolant prices on the sign. For Class C Coolant it is $113.99 per gallon. Considering the 2800% inflation occurring before the war this comes out to around $4.00.
  • The Red Rocket truck stop in the game is not the same one shown in the trailer and promotional images. The Red Rocket garage shown in the trailers is not currently in the game.
  • It is possible to access the roof of the garage by building some stairs. Floors, foundations, and most of the other objects can be placed there. Setting up turrets on the roof is especially useful since it will grant an unobstructed field of fire in virtually every direction while at the same time being immune to melee attacks and hard to hit with guns.
  • At higher levels, super mutants, including a suicider, will frequently spawn to the northeast of the coolant pumps.
  • Many identical Red Rocket truck stops can be seen across the Commonwealth, and some come with workbenches and power armor station as well. However, there are no map markers for these stops, besides the Fort Hagen filling station, and they cannot be worked as a settlement.
  • Southwest of the garage, a steam trunk can be found in a hole in the ground.
  • Just across the street, on the high ground above the rocks, there is a chair set up as if someone has been watching the truck stop. Next to the chair is a large tire with an ammo container in it.
  • Quicksaving before speaking to Dogmeat and reloading after the mole rats are killed can prevent the holes that they cause from ever appearing.
  • The cave underneath Red Rocket truck stop is just outside of the settlement build area so it is not possible to include the entrance within the settlement.
  • There is a patch of land nearby that can be used as a small farm requiring only a few settlers to manage, the rest can be assigned to scavenge stations to bring in extra supplies for other settlements.


The Red Rocket truck stop appears only in Fallout 4.


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