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For an overview of the gun with the same name from Fallout Shelter, see Red Rocket (Fallout Shelter).

Red Rocket is a franchise of filling stations for pre-War automobiles. Derelict stations can be found across the Capital Wasteland and the Commonwealth, usually in close proximity to former auto-maintenance garages, public rest areas, and suburban settlements.

Although Red Rocket was known to distribute petroleum-based fuels such as gasoline and diesel,[1] by 2077 certain locations in the Boston area exclusively offered reactor coolant for nuclear-powered vehicles.[2] "Class A Coolant" was sold for the going rate of $103.99 per gallon, and "Class C Coolant" for $113.99.[3]

They also offered a robotic car cleaning service at some stations which was advertised on billboards across the Commonwealth.


Capital WastelandEdit



  • At the base of a fueling station, where the gas pumps would be on an ordinary station, a dirty sign is visible that appears to say "Petroleum spirit. Highly flammable."
  • Red Rocket refueling stations seem to appear next to almost every mechanic's workshop in the Capital Wasteland.
  • The Children of Atom in Megaton has a 'Red Rocket' rocket on top of their church, either taken from one of the refueling stations or taken from the Springvale Elementary playground.
  • There are usually one or two trash bins and/or Nuka-Cola vending machines to be found in the vicinity.
  • The station's apparatus is a prime example of Raygun Gothic architecture.
  • Mini Red Rockets can be seen at playgrounds, pointing towards the company sponsoring or creating playground equipment.
  • After The Waters of Life quest several Enclave scouting parties will set up shop near Red Rocket stations.
  • In some Red Rocket stations, there is "reactor coolant" presumably for the atomic cars that existed at the time. Types such as class C and A are available, at heavily inflated prices.



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