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Your bravery surpasses that of any other, and I've come to admire your actions. Before death takes us, I would know you deeper. Come with me... My Hunter.

Red Lucy

Red Lucy's chamber is a location in The Thorn.


Red Lucy's chamber is a section of the underground Las Vegas sewer system, so it is dark and dimly lit. A seemingly clean couch is on the left as you enter, with a coffee table behind it with an empty whiskey bottle on top. Behind the table, is an upright barrel with an interactive radio that plays Radio New Vegas.

Further on, there is a writing desk. In between the alcoves on the right, there is a switch that turns the lighting in the chamber red, for a "more romantic" feel. The Courier may sleep with Red Lucy here, if they complete Bleed Me Dry.


Red Lucy's chamber appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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