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Hmm. Tempting offer, since this place gets boring. Tell ya what. Standard rates. 100 caps, and you've got a deal.


Recruit Ian is an unmarked quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Ian in the guard house in Shady Sands.
  2. Pay him 100 bottle caps for him to join, or convince him to do so for free, through a Speech check.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Go to the house in the northeast of Shady Sands and talk to Ian. There are two ways of convincing him to join the Vault Dweller:

  • With an Intelligence of at least 6, he can be offered "a piece of the action." and if the Speech check is passed, he will join for free.
  • Paying him 100 bottle caps up front lets him join.



  • Stealing from companions is not treated as a crime or hostile action, so Ian's money can be stolen back if needed.
  • The XP reward is the same, regardless of the method chosen.
  • This is not given as a quest by anyone, but it is something that can be done for additional experience and a new companion.
  • With an Intelligence of 1, Ian cannot be recruited easily. A minimum Intelligence of 2 (maximum 4) will require the use of Mentats.

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