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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Fannie Mae, a prostitute addicted to Jet in the Malamute Saloon, Redding Downtown


{100}{}{You see a rather worn-looking woman.}
{101}{}{You see Fannie Mae, one of the hostesses at the Malamute Saloon.}
{102}{}{You see a woman who shows more wear from mileage than from years.}
{103}{}{(Fannie looks distinctly unhealthy as she wobbles towards you) Hey there, lover. I'm feeling a little under the weather lately. Want to give me some money for a quick boost? I can make it worth your while. (grins)}
{104}{}{(Fannie looks distinctly unhealthy as she wobbles towards you) Hey there, sister. Can you spare a few bucks to help a gal who's down on her luck? Just 'til I get back on my feet again.}
{105}{}{(Fannie doesn't look very well at all) Hey there, pal. Ready for a li'l fun with Fannie? Half-price for you, lover. Where'd I put my Jet?}
{106}{}{(Fannie doesn't look very well at all) Hey there, lady, spare some money? Or a bit o' Jet fuel even?}
{107}{}{Fannie, you look like hell. Why don't you lay off the Jet for a while?}
{108}{}{I think you've enjoyed enough of my charity, and it didn't seem to help you at all.}
{109}{}{You've had enough for now.}
{110}{}{Why don't you just sleep it off?}
{111}{}{Jet's the only thing that makes me fly. ./~Come fly with me ./~ Give me a little something special, won'tcha?}
{112}{}{Oh, you're just full of great ideas now, aren't you. Well, I don't need you. Plenty of people still want to pay for Fannie's charms. If you won't give me money for Jet, then just get out of my sight.}
{113}{}{I have something that should cure you of that addiction to Jet.}
{114}{}{Find yourself another sucker, Fannie. Goodbye.}
{115}{}{You're going to kill yourself if you keep on this way. I don't want to watch you do that. Goodbye.}
{116}{}{Ain't you a sight.}
{117}{}{Fannie don't flop for no morons.}
{118}{}{Come back with some money and maybe Fannie can learn you something.}
{119}{}{You're not the sharpest tool in the shed, are ya?}
{120}{}{You're 'bout as smart as bait. Ain't ya?}
{121}{}{A cure? What, are you crazy? Do I look like I want to be cured? You want to make me feel better, sugar? Give me some more Jet.}
{122}{}{Well, I guess just a little more to get you by wouldn't hurt. Here's some Jet.}
{123}{}{You've already had more than enough Jet. Last thing I need to do is watch another Jet addict. Goodbye.}
{124}{}{If I had any Jet, I'd be using it myself. Goodbye.}
{125}{}{Yeah, that's what I need. Oh yeah. What a rush. Mmmmm...}
{126}{}{Uh, well, I guess I'll just let you enjoy yourself now. Goodbye.}
{127}{}{Sounds like you're really Jetted-up, now. I'll see you around. Goodbye.}
{128}{}{Hey there, sailor. Come here often? You come here to visit with Fannie Mae?}
{129}{}{Hello, sister. Looking for work?}
{130}{}{Uh, yeah. I'm here to visit you.}
{131}{}{Work? What kind of work?}
{132}{}{Uh, I was just looking around. Goodbye.}
{133}{}{Well, aren't you sweet. Acting so bashful and all. It's going to cost you $60 for a visit with me, sugah.}
{134}{}{Maybe you'll last a bit longer this time, honey. You'll get more of your $60 worth that way.}
{135}{}{Nice and slow, baby. I'll show you a real nice time for your $60.}
{136}{}{$60, huh? Sounds like a good price to me. Here's my money.}
{137}{}{Thanks for the offer, but maybe another time would be better. Goodbye.}
{138}{}{$60? I don't think I want to visit you if it's going to cost that much. Goodbye.}
{139}{}{You've been so nice to me. I felt that you really meant something when you did that. (sob) I sure wish it was like that all the time.}
{140}{}{Well, when you're with me, it is.}
{141}{}{You sure know how to talk the talk.}
{142}{}{I don't want to do this anymore. Me an my fella' are going to get away from here and live life straight. Just as soon as I can pay off Lou.}
{143}{}{Pay off Lou?}
{144}{}{Hey, I gave you money already. What are you talking about?}
{145}{}{Yeah, well...I owe Lou some money and I can't leave until I pay her off. But as soon as I do (sniff) I'm going to take my beau and get myself as far away from this life as I can. If I could only raise a little extra dough.}
{146}{}{How much extra money do you need to pay off Lou?}
{147}{}{Can't your boyfriend help you out of debt?}
{148}{}{That's a sad story, but you should have the money you need soon enough. As long as you keep your back to the mattress, that is. Goodbye.}
{149}{}{All I need now is $200 and I'm in the clear. My man and I are out of here clean and free. No more strange, grubby, people pawing at me all day and night. Uh, I didn't mean no offense.}
{150}{}{None taken. I don't really paw, do I? Anyhow, I could pay your way out of here. Here's $200.}
{151}{}{Sounds sad, alright. Well, I guess you'd better get busy then. Goodbye.}
{152}{}{Oh thank you,thank you. I didn't think that there was anyone this kind outside of my dreams. You're the best. Thanks again. Hey, want a freebie? On the house?}
{153}{}{Why sure, Fannie. I think I'll take you up on that offer.}
{154}{}{That's not really necessary, Fannie. Just use the money to get yourself out of this life. Goodbye.}
{155}{}{He really wants to, but he's just barely getting by as a miner. We keep hoping he'll make a big strike but that hasn't happened yet. And last week a beam fell on him and broke his leg, so he can't work. Now I have to give him what little money I can spare 'til he gets better.}
{156}{}{Sounds as though you two have had some bad luck. How much did you say you need?}
{157}{}{Thanks again. I can't wait to tell my guy. We'll be out of here as soon as his leg
heals up.}
{158}{}{That was quite a thank you, Fannie. I just better get myself out of here while I can still walk. You're welcome. Goodbye.}
{159}{}{It'll be a loss to the profession to see you go, Fannie. Goodbye.}
{160}{}{Hey there. You want to spend some time with Fannie?}
{161}{}{Didn't I give you some money so you could stop doing this?}
{162}{}{Sure, sounds good to me. Good thing I caught you before you left.}
{163}{}{Well, yes...but it turns out that I owe Lou more than I thought.}
{164}{}{How much more?}
{165}{}{I've heard enough of this. Goodbye.}
{166}{}{Uh, I know, and I'm real grateful...but I guess I owed Lou more than I thought. I need more money.}
{167}{}{I can't believe it! How much more money do you need to get out of this?}
{168}{}{Well, you've got all you're going to from me. Good bye.}
{169}{}{That's okay, baby. You've already helped enough. (sniff) I only need another $150, though.}
{170}{}{Well, I guess if that's all you need. But this is it. I mean it.}
{171}{}{Yeah, sure. I'm out of here. Goodbye.}
{172}{}{Hey there, you came back. Looking for a little fun, or did you come back to give me some money for Lou?}
{173}{}{Just here for some fun this time, Fannie. We'll see how it goes.}
{174}{}{How much do you need for Lou?}
{175}{}{Just stopping by, Fannie. Goodbye.}
{176}{}{Always nice to get some repeat business. For you, I'll even change the sheets.}
{177}{}{You sure know how to make a guy feel special. Thanks.}
{178}{}{Uh, I think I've changed my mind. See you around, Fannie. Goodbye.}
{179}{}{You know, back-floppin' work. With looks like yours, I bet you could make a good living.}
{180}{}{You know, back-floppin' work. Even the way you look, you could make some money. Those miners ain't too particular, ya know.}
{181}{}{You think so? Hmm, maybe I should.}
{182}{}{I don't think that's for me. Goodbye.}
{183}{}{Well it shore helps if'n your nose ain't to keen. Those miners ain't too fond of soap and water.}
{184}{}{Really? Maybe this isn't for me after all. Thanks for the offer, though. Goodbye.}
{185}{}{I don't know how you can stand it, but then I guess you don't. Stand, that is. Goodbye.}