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Gametitle-FNV LR
Gametitle-FNV LR

Rawr is a deathclaw found in the Divide.


Rawr is a unique and deadly deathclaw that resides in a cave in the Divide. His incredible speed coupled with his devastating claws make him a dangerous creature to engage. His victims include an NCR soldier named Gleeson, who managed to survive long enough to record a distress beacon requesting assistance. In the message, it is revealed that Rawr can be driven off with flares. The flare gun, therefore, is one of Rawr's weaknesses, as it will scare him for a short period of time.

When killed, Rawr will drop his own claw. It can be used to make a unique gauntlet at a workbench if you have an Unarmed skill of 75.


Rawr can be found in a dark cave just past the Boxwood Hotel roof, near the pipe that has water spewing out of it. Entering the cave triggers a cave-in which will draw Rawr's attention, resulting in it running towards the player. The player will be trapped in the cave until the second warhead, which will fall with the rubble, is detonated.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
- - Deathclaw egg Rawr's Talon


  • If you switch to third-person view, you may be able to see the body of a deathclaw inside the cave behind the rock wall to your left. It is not alive and does not register on your compass. As soon as you have entered far enough into the cave, that body vanishes and Rawr appears a short distance deeper into the cavern.
  • When hit with the flare gun, there is an instance when Rawr will run underneath the warhead in the cave's ceiling. This will allow you to detonate the warhead, causing the rocks to fall and crushing Rawr in the process.
  • Rawr's Strength allows him to kill most players in two strikes, even those at level 50 with maximum Endurance.
  • wwPerk wild wasteland With the Wild Wasteland perk, the player can craft the Fist of the North Rawr instead of the regular Fist of Rawr.
  • Occasionally, when sneaking slowly into the cave, the explosion will go of, and Rawr will spawn hostile to the player, but will not charge in to attack. Even when Rawr is fired upon and damaged, he will still stay still, as long as the player continues to sneak and stays out of Rawr's perception field.


Rawr only appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Lonesome Road.

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