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Rawr's Talon
Deathclaw Hand
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Rawr's Talon is a miscellaneous item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


Rawr's Talon is only obtainable after killing Rawr, a very powerful deathclaw inhabiting the Divide. This variant of a deathclaw hand is the only one of its kind. It is also the only one that can be made into a weapon, the Fist of Rawr.


Rawr is found in a dark cave across from the Boxwood Hotel roof, behind the overflowing pipe and irradiated pool.


Rawr's Talon is a quest item, and cannot be dropped from the player's inventory.


It is possible to obtain two Rawr's Talons. By detonating the warhead immediately above the area in which Rawr is located before you enter and cause the rock slide, you can "kill" Rawr and cause a chunk of the corpse to land near enough to you that you can loot it; you will find a Rawr's Talon. When you enter the area and cause the rock slide, Rawr will immediately respawn. Proceed with killing Rawr normally and loot a second one from Rawr's body.[verification overdue][platforms tag needed]

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