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Raul's shack is the home of Raul Tejada and is located north-northeast of Vault 34 on the eastern outskirts of New Vegas.


The exterior of the shack consists of the house itself and a damaged car out front with several plants like banana yucca fruit, coyote tobacco chew and Nevada agave fruit. Outside, a rare malnourished brahmin calf can be found. Inside this shack there is a workbench and a bed.

Notable lootEdit

A copy of Guns and Bullets is sitting on a crate on the floor directly to the left when you enter the shack.



Raul's shack appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 pcIcon pc Rarely, after entering Raul's shack, after downloading the Dead Money add-on, the whole shack may turn into a large void. Restarting the console or uninstalling the Dead money add on may fix this. [verified]


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