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This is the frontier of NCR territory, and we're the first line of defense. You won't find much in the way of civilization east of here.

— Tilden, Comm Officer of Ranger Station Bravo

Ranger station Bravo is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. It is located north-east of Bitter Springs recreation area. It is positioned to monitor the Legion and make sure they don't try and circle around the lake, circumventing the defenses at the Dam.


Ranger Station Bravo is in the north-east section of the map and is the eastern-most NCR base in Fallout: New Vegas. The base consists of several buildings some of which include trailers. There are also 2-3 buildings with motivational posters and another with radio equipment. The base is guarded by two NCR Rangers, Comm Officer Tilden and Ranger Ericsen. Ranger station Bravo's large radio tower can be seen from a distance.



  • With the Wild Wasteland trait, you will find an atomic bomb called The One to the north-east of the ranger station. If you have 60 Science then this can be salvaged for scrap parts (150 energy cells, 50 microfusion cells and 2 sensor modules). Nearby there will be an encampment housing 3 Super Mutants with leveled gear. Depending if the player has visited before, there may be 2 dead rangers from the aforementioned station.
  • If you talk to Comm Officer Tilden, he will say that they constantly receive supplies of ammunition when they need water. You can ask if you can have some of the extra ammunition and he will refer you to Ranger Ericsen. Ask Ericsen about the extra ammunition and she'll give you 30 .357 magnum rounds and a good amount of 5.56mm rounds if you have a good reputation with the NCR. If your NCR reputation is neutral, she will respond that it is against regulations to give away their supplies.
  • Depending on your level and progress in the storyline, there may be several NCR Veteran Rangers in the area.
  • Despite Tilden's complaints of a lack of water supplies, you can take the purified water from the shelves next to the barracks without penalty.


Ranger station Bravo only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

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