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The Ranger compound terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in and outside of the Ranger compound in Fallout 3.

Ranger Compound outer terminalEdit


Reilly's Rangers Eyes Only
It you're reading this, you better get your ass out of here!

Unlock Security DoorEdit


> Door Release Engaged

Notice from Canterbury Search PartyEdit


Bad news. Rangers haven't seen Cheryl and got troubles of their own. Muties been snatching people left and right. Reilly's men are going to keep an eye out round here. They suggested we head to the western ruins, across the river and search there, so I guess that's what we'll do. Damn it, sis, why didn't you just wait for us?

Reilly's terminalEdit

Current Personnel ListingEdit



Name: Brick
Position: Heavy Weapons
Age: 24
Term of Contract: Ongoing
Merits/Demerits: 5/1
Pay: 50 caps/mission
Status: Active

Brick is an outstanding asset to the Rangers. I find her zeal for destruction to be an asset rather than a liability. She is reliable and calm under fire, although can be a bit impatient during mission planning phases or debriefings. She seems fiercely loyal to the Rangers, and would be a great go-to person in the event of a falling out in the ranks.



Name: Butcher
Position: Medic
Age: 31
Term of Contract: Ongoing
Merits/Demerits: 3/0
Pay: 70 caps/mission
Status: Active

Butcher is an important part of our team. He is prone to making rational and logical decisions even in the heat of battle which makes him ideal for a secondary command position. His medical skills are moderate at best with room for improvement, but he continues to scour every hospital and clinic we happen across to learn more about his trade. His loyalty to the Rangers is without question.



Name: Donovan
Position: Tech
Age: 35
Term of Contract: Ongoing
Merits/Demerits: 2/0
Pay: 50 caps/mission
Status: Active

Donovan came to us highly recommended by my contact in the Brotherhood of Steel. He is an absolute wizard in regards to the repair of our firearms and personal armor. I wish he had more knowledge of electrical systems, hydraulics, etc which would help us circumvent obstacles we frequently encounter in the ruins, but hopefully this will improve with time. His loyalty to the Rangers seems solid, but it may take more time to gauge.



File Unavailable



Name: Theo
Position: Quartermaster
Age: 22
Term of Contract: Probationary
Merits/Demerits: 1/0
Pay: 35 caps/mission
Status: Active

Theo is our newest Ranger. His role is the Quartermaster for Ranger Compound; he cares for and organizes all our equipment and carries anything extra we might need into the ruins when we're on a mission. He is with us on a probationary contract which is up for review pending my decision.

Current ContractsEdit

Mapping ContractEdit


Contract: Ruins Mapping
Status: Ongoing
Projected Income: Unknown
Acquired Income: 1765 caps

Description: Terrain and structure mapping for District of Columbia urban sections. Make notes of enemy resistance, weapons caches, strategic positions, retreat points, etc. Provide detailed files in holotape format to buyer. Buyer to remain anonymous and pay via caps left in predetermined spot known only to Reilly.

Super Mutant EradicationEdit


Contract: Super Mutant Cleansing
Status: Ongoing
Projected Income: Unknown
Acquired Income: 2850 caps

Description: Eradication of Super Mutants at Reilly's discretion. Buyer will award a varying amount of caps on a per kill basis. Proof of slain Super Mutants must be provided to buyer before payment is authorized (buyer has approved various body parts as proof).

Reilly's Personal NotesEdit

Personal Entry 176Edit


Well, Brick and Donovan were at it again today. I swear, if I have to break up another fight between the two of them I'll go crazy. As long as they keep it off mission, I guess I shouldn't care so much. I just want this group to stick together.

It's been a month since we lost Dallas and Kira. They were assets to the Rangers and even though I've taken Theo on board to bolster our numbers, he's hardly a replacement. He's green, but maybe with enough Mutie blood splashing on his boots, he'll wise up real fast.

Personal Entry 177Edit


I've gotten the approval from "Mr. Smith" for the mapping project. It's going well so far... definitely easier than hunting down Muties. The caps have been good, so we'll stick with it unless something better pops up.

We had a little bit of a run-in with Talon Company today. Those pricks always have to start shit with us... and unfortunately for them, Brick was with us. Needless to say it wasn't long before I heard Eugene's familiar whine and she started dropping them like flies. We got out of there with no casualties, but I think for now we'll give the Capital building a wide berth.

Personal Entry 178Edit


Butcher and I slept together tonight. He'd always been kind of flirty with me, but I took it as typical merc humor. Well, I was wrong. I hope this hasn't jeopardized our relationship on a professional level, but I really want it to continue. After all, it's been a while since I've been with anyone and it's nice to know someone out there cares.

I think we're going to try and move on to the next sector of the downtown ruins this week. I want to finish Takoma Park first though. There's still a lot of nooks and crannies in that place. If it wasn't for the Talon Company and Super Mutant resistance in the area, we'd be done by now.

Personal Entry 179Edit


Well, Theo's been itching to go on a mapping trip, so I'm taking the entire group into Vernon Square. I usually like to leave someone back at the compound, but the sector is brimming with potential loot locations, so I need all the muscle I can get. Butcher is anxious to check out Our Lady of Hope Hospital and get supplies, while I want to set up a transmitter on the Statesman Hotel.

I hear Brick and Donovan going at it again. I better get these guys on the road before another fist fight breaks out.

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