Ranger Andy's bungalow

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Ranger Andy's bungalow is a home to Ranger Andy in Novac.


On the lower right corner of the bungalow is a queen size bed. To the left of the bed is a shelf with a footlocker on top of it containing Ranger Andy's trail carbine. To the left of the shelf is a wooden cabinet. On the north face of the bungalow is a oven and refrigerator. Like the other bungalows, there is a bathroom in the upper left corner of the bungalow. On the west side of the bungalow is a dining area with a wooden table and chairs with some plates and utensils.

Notable loot


  • Like all of the bungalows in Novac, the inside of the house is bigger than the outside.


Ranger Andy's bungalow only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

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