Railway spikes

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Railway spikes
Railway Spikes
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Railway spikes are a type of small guns ammunition in Fallout 3.


Though only moderately damaging, railway spikes are very effective at dealing limb damage (due to a 3x limb damage multiplier), and are able to cripple limbs often with just one shot. On the killing shot, a spike may tear off the struck limb or head, and possibly pin it to a fixed object, such as a wall or floor.

Weapons using this ammunitionEdit


  • Railway spikes can be found throughout the Capital Wasteland in ammunition boxes, metal boxes and on shelves.
  • A good place to pick up railway spikes early in the game is in Lucky's, southwest of Tenpenny Tower. They can be found on the shelves along with many of the parts to make other custom weapons, but note that taking them is considered stealing.
  • They can be bought from vendors on occasion, but they are rarely restocked.
  • Spikes can often be found near train yards, metros, and railroad tracks.
  • They can be found throughout Warrington trainyard and the Tenpenny Tower's generator room

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