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For an overview of Stealth Boy devices in the Fallout series, see Stealth Boy.

The Railroad Stealth Boy is a consumable item featured in Fallout 4.


The Railroad Stealth Boy is a portable device that, when activated, renders the user invisible for about 40 seconds. Its effect lasts 10 seconds longer than a regular Stealth Boy.



  • If used, the activation animation of the regular Stealth Boy is skipped, making its activation a bit faster.
  • It would seem as though Tinker Tom starts stocking Railroad Stealth Boys only after they are first awarded at the end of Memory Interrupted. It is currently unknown if this is intentional or a bug.


  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone May not work while in Third Person View, somehow the activation animation is canceled and nothing happens (tested on v1.8.7, player character looks interrupted after trying to use the item). In First Person View works okay, although no animation is shown (therefore, the item is activated faster than a regular Stealth Boy).

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