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The Railroad HQ terminal entries are a series of entries found on two unlocked terminals at the Railroad HQ in Fallout 4.

Tinker Tom's terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Property of Tinker Tom - Ultra Violet Security

Active hypothesesEdit


1. Nano-Blood
2. Atmosphere/Baxter
3. Aliens are REAL!
4. Our own Bessy
5. Deacon / Time Travel Conjecture*
6. Mutating Water Theory

* If I really were a time traveller would I let a timeline exist where you knew I knew? -D

Disproved theoriesEdit


(for now, at least)

1. Center of Earth Black Hole
2. 90% Synth Infiltration
3. Nuka Cola Strawberry
4. Monty's Theory

Field test logEdit


Spikes delivering enough kinetic energy to be well into the lethal range. But cooling unit keeps failing. Melted three times. Treated Terry for 1st degree burns. Got the reload time down with liquid nitrogen. Delayed for Terry's hypothermia treatment. Upper velocity - can't find the spike. Getting close, I can feel it.

PAM mainframe terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
PAM Mainframe Interface

Access recordsEdit


Access restricted to entity designated Railroad-Alpha.
End token: I'm sorry, have a nice day!

After completing the main storyline with Railroad ending:

[Wyatt (66-73)]Edit

[2266 Nov]Edit

Gathered surviving runners, held an election. I
lost, or won, depending on how you look at it.
After the HQ massacre, most people simply left
the Railroad. Only one person survived HQ, a
runner named John D. He called out for volunteers
to get some of the old files. No one stepped

My job is to rebuild the Railroad from scratch. I
think where Agamemnon went wrong, is that HQ was
known by too many people. I'm theorizing here, but
once the Institute hit a safehouse and leaned on
anyone the HQ would be easy to find. But how could
Agamemnon know just how deadly those damned
Coursers are?

Current count: 13. 0 synths.

How the hell do we rebuild from here?

[2267 Feb]Edit

Got our first synth out of the Commonwealth last
month. Threw one Hell of a party.

What people don't know is another runaway was
recaptured by the Coursers before we even got to

John D has been finding tourists at a pretty good
clip. But he keeps their identities to himself.
Operational security he calls it. It makes me
grind my teeth, but he's probably right. I think
our whole organization needs to be more like a
pyramid. A broad base of tourists that help out,
mainly with information. Then the runners and
safehouse owners in the middle. Then agents. Then
HQ on top of that.

[2273 Mar]Edit

A whole work crew of synths escaped together. Five
synths at once. We're scrambling to keep them
hidden. Coursers have been spotted looking for
them. They found one of our safehouses, but no one
there knew where our HQ is. John developed a dead
drop system we've been using.

Some vocal elements (Toby) say we should shut
down. But that's a year and a half worth of synths.

[Pinky (73-77)]Edit

[2273 Dec]Edit

I just found Wyatt's journal. For whoever runs
this outfit in the future, I figure you should
know how we messed up.

We were running the Workgroup Five out of the CW
when Coursers found our HQ. Total shitstorm.
Deacon (that's what he's calling himself now) had
an escape route planned, and most of the survivors
owe him their life. Wyatt didn't make it past the
first hail of bullets.

Something everyone should know: if one safehouse
goes down assume that all Hell's coming for your
ass, because it probably is. Always, always,
ALWAYS assume the Institute has resources beyond
what we can imagine.

From now on only the heavies leave HQ. And we got
to move our packages fast. This slow crap hurts
more than it helps.

[2275 Jun]Edit

Damn it. We got two synths, or packages as we're
calling them now, out of the CW. Running the 3rd
and a Raider gang caught them. Total blood bath.

P.K. almost lost his package near Danvers, too. I
kicked Deacon out of HQ, got sick of the lying,
face-changing son of a bitch. That month he spent
as a Ghoul freaked a lot of people out.

Going to keep running hard.

[2276 Jan]Edit

Lesson: move all packages outside the

Lamda 8 homesteaded off Parsons. She got married
to a farmer. Coursers found her and it got bloody.
Lost Lamda 8. Her wife almost bit the bucket, too.

Courser spotted heading south (with company).
Watts volunteered to track them.

[2276 Sep]Edit

Desdemona is a real pain in the ass. Keeps harping
on every little damned thing. Worse than Deacon
and Carrington combined.

We lost a safehouse and went to ground. SOP.
Desdemona says I'm being sloppy. I'm getting sick
and tired of leading these misfits.

[Desdemona (77-)]Edit

[2277 Dec]Edit

After we lost Trinity, Pinky Thompson stepped
down. It took some persuasion. We held a vote on
who should run the Railroad. It came down to me
and Carrington. Might be a problem there.

The doctor, Deacon, and I have been analyzing the
many, many mistakes of Pinky. Our "batting
average" is roughly 50/50. Only a few synths a
year make it out. It's hard to keep motivated when
failure is so epidemic.

We're going to hit the fundamentals: operational
security. Look outs, counter-intelligence, and
compartmentalization. We need to reduce the
response time to find a new synth runner.


2 escapees. 1 loss. 2 reclaimed before

Added a new member to core HQ. Thomas Weatherby.
An Institute grenade did a number on his family
farm. He's rattled but very, very smart. Hoping he
can arm us with something better than pipe

Organization grown. Devised rail signs and
improvements to dead drops. No Coursers spotted
all year. Merry Christmas.


One of our rescues, G7-81, took a strange turn.
Most synths are traumatized and go through the
procedure with Doc A. G7 opted out. Begged to
join. Did some crazy stunts with High Rise at

Called her into the HQ. Promoted "Glory" to heavy.
She's well suited for the role (perhaps too much

Been working with Tom. Brilliant, but he's getting
increasingly eccentric. Carrington says the stress
is causing severe psychological problems. But he's
too damned essential. God help me, I'm keeping him

2 escapes. No losses. 1 reclaimed. Quiet year.

Less chrome domes in the field than the last two
years. No idea why.


Where to begin?

Year started like shit. Coursers came out of
nowhere. They found the Farm, lookouts only gave
us 30 seconds of warning. Torched what we could,
casualties light.

Relocated to the Beast. Then one of the B team
scouts, Tommy Whispers, made the find of the
century. An old DIA facility, "Switchboard."
Called him up to HQ (overdue), Glory's taken him
under his wing (God help him). Tom relocated to
the Switchboard or Facility X as he calls it. Then
he sent an urgent message.

My first meeting with P.A.M... Can't describe. She
made some predictions, frighteningly accurate.

Asked for data. Started feeding it to her. Very
reluctant to help the cause. But after a long talk
with Glory she's on board. No one knows what Glory
said to PAM. Deacon jokes that PAM has a crush on
Glory. Certainly PAM acts different when she's
around. But there's nothing emotional about PAM.

With PAM's prediction managed to anticipate a run-

Year ended badly. We had a synth infiltrator at
Mercer. Deacon caught her before P.A.M. But damage
done. Blew the Beast and moved to Bolthole. Only
an hour to spare before the coursers came.

2 escapees, 1 loss, 0 reclaims.


Promoted Tommy to be our second heavy. Tom made
him a custom pistol, the kid's frightening with
it. P.A.M. has us running strange ops for data.
She's not always right, but right enough to be a
trap. Too tempting to rely on her predictions. One
day Deacon recommended moth-balling her. Took an
hour to talk him down.

2 escapees. Not many runners this year.


One word: PATRIOT.

Our second package of the year was different from
the start. Didn't behave lost. Ran in a straight
line to Diamond City. Old Man Stockton caught her
before she caused too many waves. She wasn't
supposed to be on the work detail and had a care
package: a map, instructions, and a coded
holotape. Tom's been useless all year trying to
decode the damned thing.

Third package sent straight to Diamond City again.
Set up Old Man Stockton as the gatekeeper. Then a
fourth came in after a week. All with care
packages. All with more codes. Someone on the
inside is helping us. Code-name PATRIOT.

All told 5 escapees this year.


An incredible year. Everything's coming together.
Tom broke PATRIOT's code, said it was designed to
be broken (whatever that means). Just two words,
"Mass Fusion." Sent some recon there and found
nothing. Found out later why.

PAM's been trying to find the location of the
Institute in earnest. Failing. Deacon's convinced
the solution lies in the past, not future. Deacon
already knows the big secret - we know nothing
about the Railroad before Wyatt was in charge (or
is Deacon Johnny D???).

Deacon's been digging into Institute sightings
from years, even decades before. Or at least,
that's what he says. Getting really tired of all
his lies.

Coursers caught Package 7. Almost nailed Old Man
Stockton, too. One of our scouts found Package 8
heading to Mass Fusion. The coded message he
carried was another location, Prospect Hill.

8 escapees this year, 1 loss, 1 reclaimed.


Busy. We're in Switchboard now. Bolthole went down
on fire. Coursers getting very active. But, by
God, we're rescuing synths. 9-2-1. Both of those 2
were from goddamned lynch mobs.


A dry year. Coursers, work crews, and synths
vanished for three months. No idea why. Worked on
fortifying Switchboard. Deacon was barely here all
year. Chasing ghosts.



PAM's errored out on trying to find the Institute.
Took a good month to get her to run without
crashing. Her being down hurt the numbers.

We now have 12 safehouses and I don't even know
how many people. Carrington worries we're getting
too big. But in order to move all the synths
PATRIOT's sending us we need places to hide them.

Deacon working on secret project. Code-name
Wanderer. Deacon has a wild theory and an even
wilder plan (Tea Party). I agree there's something
strange there, but I'm withholding judgment.


Latest prediction modelsEdit


Access restricted to entity designated Railroad-Alpha.
End token: I'm sorry, have a nice day!

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