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The Railroad HQ is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.

Background Edit

The Railroad moved their base of operations to the catacombs under the Old North Church after their old headquarters at The Switchboard was raided by The Institute and they were forced to flee the complex through an escape tunnel. Many of their operatives and members died or fled and the Railroad was almost disbanded. The entrance is hidden and can only be opened by following the "Freedom Trail," solving the puzzle and inputting the solution using the rotating wheel at the hidden door. The crypts may be dark, but they offer protection from attacks and prying eyes, and allow the Railroad to keep functioning.


After the Sole Survivor joins the Railroad, they are allowed free rein in the HQ. There is big circular table in the middle of the chamber where Desdemona usually lingers. Left of the entrance is Dr. Carrington's area with medical supplies and a treatment bed. In the far right is Tinker Tom's corner with research equipment, a terminal and a firing range. On the other side of the circular table is a rest area where Drummer Boy and Glory can be found (Deacon will also be here if the Survivor chose not to take him as a follower). On the right side is P.A.M.'s chamber with large computers.

There is a chart on the wall showing all of the railsigns.

It is revealed there is another exit from the crypts to the side of the rest area, which also serves as an escape tunnel, and leads directly to the surface north of the church, to a ruined building with a chained up door.

Notable lootEdit

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales, issue #09 - On the desk directly west of the circular stone table in the middle.
  • Blackbird report holotape - Can be pickpocketed from Doctor Carrington.
  • Fusion core in the "secret exit" from the HQ, behind the locked with a terminal door, inside of a generator.

Related questsEdit


  • Despite ample beds as seen in the back room, some Railroad members will sleep on the same mattress.
  • Railroad HQ is one of the rare interior locations the Sole Survivor can fast travel to and from.
  • Leading X6-88 right into the Railroad HQ will cause the Railroad to become permanently hostile. The same is not said for Paladin Danse.
  • One does not need to follow the entire trail in order to input the code, cutting down on time spent on subsequent playthroughs.
  • There's a Railroad agent marking down several Morse code signals at a ham radio. The translated messages read:


  • ps4Icon ps4 pcIcon pc It is possible to become stuck when standing on the white round table in the middle of the main room.[verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc In the later missions, it's possible for the main door to close without being able to be opened again.[verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc If power armor is docked in the power armor station it might become corrupted, this will cause pieces of the power armor to go missing and it will be impossible to exit the power armor whilst in the HQ. [verification overdue]
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone There is a bug whereby Railroad missions will suddenly fail, and upon returning to Railroad HQ, they will all turn hostile.[verification overdue]




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