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This page is about the raider faction appearing in Fallout 4. For the raider character, see Raider (Fallout 4).
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Deathclaws, ferals, even bots. They don't know what they're doing. But Raiders, they choose to be this cruel.

Piper Wright

Raiders are a group of hostile gangs spread throughout the Commonwealth and Boston in the 23rd century.


Unlike other factions, raiders are not an established organization, but rather a collective term for the countless groups of bandits, thieves, murderers, junkies, sociopaths and psychopaths who dwell in the Commonwealth and its ruins. They have no true "society," living simply by the philosophy that might makes right, and killing anyone who gets in their way. Most raider gangs are small, consisting of up to a couple dozen members, and make a living scavenging the ruins of Boston, as well as through robbery, extortion and the manufacture/selling of chems.

Raiders are notoriously cruel and merciless, shooting any non-raider on sight. Although they are not nearly as powerful as other dangerous groups like the super mutants or Triggermen, they make up for it through scare tactics via their ruthless reputation and their intimidating mannerisms. The bases they build in the ruins are often decorated with graffiti and the mutilated bones and bodies of previous victims, and their outfits and weapons are equally crude and low-tech, built from scrap metal and other junk. Some gangs of raiders have a roughly-established hierarchy: lower-ranking members wear very basic armor and clothing and wield low-tech pipe weapons, while higher-ranking members wear more impressive armor and wield more powerful weapons, such as assault rifles and various heavy weapons, including the Fat Man. Some raider leaders even wear their own power armor.

The equipment of the various raider gangs will vary depending on location. For example, the raiders at Dunwich Borers will all equip mining helmets, as opposed to raiders in more generic locations.

Notable membersEdit

Notable gangsEdit




  • While undetected around them, some raiders can be overheard talking to themselves that killing wastelanders is "nothing personal," and also expressing their hopes that "the next one dies clean."
  • After clearing a named raider's gang and while undetected around another named raider's gang, you may overhear conversation about the former being wiped out.
  • Unlike raiders in the previous Fallout games, these raiders have access to their own power armor.
  • Raiders now have a more human aesthetic, as they can be heard saying "It's either you, or me" in a shaken, nervous tone, indicating the need to justify their own actions, showing many to have a fragile conscience underneath the sadistic exterior.
  • Despite the fact they are regarded as the most technological inferior faction (at least compared to the other major factions) in the Commonwealth, they are surprisingly very formidable, even for high level players. At high levels, raider veterans are very common and are difficult to kill because of their ridiculously high health, their powerful weaponry and their extensive use of armors.
  • When a faction checkpoint is being attacked, raiders are exclusively seen using raider power armor, giving them a higher chance to win, even if they are facing the likes of the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Upon rare occurrences raiders can be found wearing X-01 power armor.
  • Ghoulified raiders speaking Norwegian can be encountered at the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star.


Raiders appear in Fallout 4 and its add-ons Vault-Tec Workshop and Nuka-World.