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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
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This is a transcript for dialogue with raider lieutenants, Jane's elite raiders in Carbon Mill.


Carbon Mill, before activating the generatorEdit


Raider Lieutenant: All right, you have your orders. You know what to do?

Raider Soldier: Attack anything that moves.
Raider Thug: ...Except each other! Right?

Raider Lieutenant: Right. That's good, good. Carry on.
Raider Lieutenant: OK, now does everyone have a weapon?

Raider Soldier: I do.
Raider Thug: Uh, I left mine at the camp.

Raider Lieutenant: Just get to your posts, you morons.
Raider Lieutenant: You idiots! Can't you handle one person!?!

Raider Soldier: Hey, it's not our fault! My gun keeps jamming!
Raider Thug: And I got some sand in my eye!

Raider Lieutenant: No more excuses! Kill anyone who tries to get through!

After activating generator 1Edit

Raider Soldier: Try shooting in bursts, rather than one bullet at a time.
Raider Thug: We can do that? OK, I'll give it a try... Thanks!
Raider Thug: Hey, I'm freakin' out. My pee is green.
Raider Soldier: What?
Raider Thug: My pee. It's coming out bright green. Radiation, I guess.
Raider Soldier: That sucks, man. I'm, uh, I'm gonna stand over here.
Raider Thug: What’s she doing in there? The Matron, I mean.

Raider Lieutenant: Don't worry about it.

Raider Thug: I'm just asking, is all. I mean, she's been in there -

Raider Lieutenant: Just do your goddamn job and shut your mouth!
Raider Lieutenant: Just do your job and shut your mouth!

After activating generator 2Edit

Raider Soldier: Tell me the truth, Joe... does this coat make me look fat?
Raider Thug: Uh... no. You look great, Phil. Really great.
Raider Thug: So does the flame thrower really get the chicks?
Raider Soldier: Oh yeah! You wouldn't believe it man.
Raider Thug: I want a flame thrower too!
Raider Soldier: Well, maybe someday. When you're ready for it.

Raider Lieutenant: Hey! Watch the hands, asshole!
Raider Lieutenant: Hey! Watch the hands, jerk!

Raider Soldier: What?!? I'm just being friendly!

Raider Lieutenant: Touch me again and I cut off your balls!
Raider Lieutenant: Touch me again and I cut your throat!

Raider Soldier: Heh heh. She wants me.

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