The Springvale school raider leader is the head of a group of raiders camped in the Springvale Elementary in 2277.


After the death of the previous leader, Boppo, during his attack on Megaton, the Springvale raider leader became the new boss of the raiders living in the elementary school. This new leader worries that their group's failed attempts to raid Vault 101 will eventually result in rebellion, yet they continue their attempts under the blind hope of eventual success.

Besides this, the raider leader keeps the raiders' bloodlust satiated by picking off caravans heading to Megaton. The raider leader is also shown expressing their thoughts on their personal computer within the elementary school, mentioning that they believe Boppo deserved to be shot by Lucas Simms, the mayor of Megaton; believing the town to be useless, and that the raiders should focus on their goal of breaking into the nearby vault.

Daily scheduleEdit

The raider leader patrols the interior of the Springvale Elementary school building near their terminal.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
Essential: Icon cross
Enslavable: Icon check
Companion: Icon cross
Bounty: Icon check
Merchant: Icon cross
Repairman: Icon cross
Doctor: Icon cross
Rents bed/room: Icon cross
Starts quests: Icon cross
Involved in quests: Icon cross


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Raider armor Random weapon Springvale basement key
Springvale raider mining log
Random caps, food, or chems*

* 15% chance of spawning


The username in their terminal is "SUK ME hahaha".


The Springvale school raider leader appears only in Fallout 3