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Raider armor is a set of armor appearing in Fallout 4.


The raider set of armor is often found on the many brigands and cut-throats across the waste(s). The armor varies in quality and appearance with most consisting of scrap metal plates molded into armor pieces reinforced by metal bars along with wires fastened together by leather straps. They may be worn over raider leathers or other pieces of clothing.

The barbaric appearance of this armor is bolstered by the gruesome trophies some ruffians choose to attach to the armor pieces such as skulls or other vulgar mementos. Not only is the armor obviously "homemade" but it is of puzzling low quality.



Image Name Weight DMG Resist - Ballistic DMG Resist - Energy Value Base ID
Raider chest piece Raider chest piece 7 4 2 18 0018e415
Raider right leg Raider right leg 3 2 2 8 0018e40d
Raider left leg Raider left leg 3 2 2 8 0018e40f
Raider right arm Raider right arm 3 1 1 6 0018e413
Raider left arm Raider left arm 3 1 1 6 0018e411


Image Name Weight DMG Resist - Ballistic DMG Resist - Energy Value Base ID
Sturdy raider chest piece 12 14 11 33 0018e415
Sturdy raider right leg 7 7 7 13 0018e40d
Sturdy raider left leg 7 7 7 13 0018e40f
Sturdy raider right arm 7 6 6 81 0018e413
Sturdy raider left arm 7 6 6 81 0018e411


Image Name Weight DMG Resist - Ballistic DMG Resist - Energy Value Base ID
Heavy raider chest piece 17 24 20 48 0018e415
Heavy raider right leg 10 12 12 18 0018e40d
Heavy raider left leg 10 12 12 18 0018e40f
Heavy raider right arm 10 11 11 156 0018e413
Heavy raider left arm 10 11 11 156 0018e411


As with other modded armor pieces, raider armor changes appearance with different mods. However, there seem to be only two appearances. First include the standard, welded and tempered variants, consisting of rusty scrap metal plates, wires and leather straps, with wires sticking considerably outward from the body. Second group, including hardened and buttressed variants take appearance of large, bulky plates of riveted steel with patches of rust, heavy-duty chain links, metal rods and thick padding. Some of the plates stick out considerably as well, possibly making the Sole Survivor or enemies easier to hit.

There are six different visual variants of the standard raider chest piece, however all the statistics remain the same for each variant.




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