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Raider Radio (called Nuka-World Radio in the Pip-Boy menu) is a radio station in Nuka-World in 2287. Unlike other radio stations, Raider Radio does not play any pre-recorded songs, but instead relies on its host, RedEye, to play acoustic songs on his guitar.


The name of the station in the Pip-Boy menu may be indicative of its pre-war origin as the Nuka-World's own radio station. Somewhere in 2286, after the capture of Nuka-Town USA by Colter's raiders, RedEye was assigned as the operator and DJ of the station, broadcasting news and improvised music to the raider gangs.


All of the songs the station plays are produced and performed by RedEye himself on his poorly tuned guitar.

  • One Last Score
  • Baby, Quit Raidin' My Heart
  • Gimme What You Got
  • The Legend of Atlas, told in two parts to musical accompaniment.
  • RedEye's origin, a purported origin story of RedEye's name.
  • RedEye's story, RedEye's account of his past and his joining of Colter's gangs, mutually contradictory with the above.


  • After being declared an enemy to the Nuka-World raiders, RedEye will have a reaction to betraying the raiders when they tune into Raider Radio: "Well, in case you ain't heard, things have gone from bad to totally screwed. Our new Overboss has turned on us and has been wiping out Raiders left and right! The rest of you want to try and fight him/her? Go right ahead. As for me, I'm getting the hell out of here, consider this your official notice that Raider Radio is off the damn air FOREVER!" After that, Raider Radio will remain silent for the rest of the game.
  • Raider Radio can be broadcast outside of Nuka-World by constructing Nuka-World radio transmitters after establishing one raider outpost in the quest Home Sweet Home.


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