Radscorpion poison gland

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Radscorpion poison gland
FO3 Radscorpion poison glandRadscorpion poison gland
Icon gland
Fallout 3 (left), Fallout: New Vegas (right).
compon. ofDart gun Fallout 3Gametitle-FO3
Antivenom Fallout: New VegasGametitle-FNV
Hydra Fallout: New VegasGametitle-FNV
Ruby's casserole Fallout: New VegasGametitle-FNV
Silver sting Fallout: New VegasGametitle-FNV
Tremble Fallout: New VegasGametitle-FNV
usesRock-It Launcher ammunition Fallout 3Gametitle-FO3
30 Fallout 3Gametitle-FO3
25 Fallout: New VegasGametitle-FNV fo3Gametitle-FO3
30 Fallout 3Gametitle-FO3
25 Fallout: New VegasGametitle-FNV fnvGametitle-FNV
questsGland for Some Home Cooking
base id0002210f

The radscorpion poison gland is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.


It is a poison gland taken from the tail of a radscorpion, giant radscorpion, or albino radscorpion. A normal radscorpion has a single poison gland while the giant and albino varieties have four.


  • Poison glands are a component used in the construction of the dart gun (Fallout 3).
  • Silver sting, antivenom, Tremble, and hydra require poison glands in campfire crafting. (Fallout: New Vegas)
  • Ruby Nash will use them to produce radscorpion casseroles free of charge after the completion of My Kind of Town.
  • At weight 1 and a value of 30 caps, (value of 25 in Fallout: New Vegas) radscorpion poison glands have a very high weight-to-value ratio, higher than any other miscellaneous item short of certain unique or quest-related items (and weightless items). Because poison glands are effectively limitless in supply they provide a reliable way of making money throughout the game.



  • The poison glands in Fallout 3 differ from those in Fallout: New Vegas by being more shriveled and desiccated. The Fallout: New Vegas poison glands are more plump and smooth.

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