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For the radroach meat that appears in the Fallout series, see radroach meat.

Radroach meat is a food item in Fallout 4.


The edible meat from mutated and irradiated cockroaches known throughout post-War America as radroaches. It is radioactive and offers very little in terms of health restoration and hunger satisfaction but may be cooked to provide a slightly more nourishing meal.


  • Located on deceased radroaches, which may be found across the Commonwealth in abandoned buildings, underground locations (such as vaults and metro stations) and irradiated areas.
  • Occasionally found in meat bags near super mutant encampments.
  • Occasionally found in containers and laying around in the Commonwealth.
  • Occasionally found in the inventories of humans, feral ghouls and super mutants, among other creatures.
  • Occasionally sold by food traders, though other traders may sell it as well.

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