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This is a transcript for dialogue with Herbert Dashwood and Argyle during The Adventures of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood radio show..

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RadioGNRDashwoodClose RadioGNRDashwoodClose Neutral 50 Be sure and tune in next time, for another exciting adventure of me, Herbert "Daring" Dashwood, and my stalwart Ghoul manservant Argyle! 1
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 <closing music> 2
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Argyle, old friend. I think I'm in love... 3
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Penelope Chase, fortune hunter. You can buy me a beer later. Now let's cut this shindig short and get the bloody hell out of here! Come on! 4
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Now, now, Argyle! No need to be hasty. We owe this young lady our thanks. Miss... 5
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Wait a minute! We do the rescuing around here, sister. 6
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 You boys all right? I busted out of that box and was almost home free when I noticed your predicament. 7
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Drop the steel, you Slaver scumbag. <sound of a hit> 8
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Hands up, chumps. Nobody escapes from Paradise Falls. Now let's move back to the pen, nice and slow, before... 9
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Child's play, boss. <click> <sound of opening door> Okay lady, you're rescued. Now let's get out of... What? Boss, it's empty! 10
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Ha ha! Now, the door. 11
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Lotus... kick! Yieee!! Ugh! 12
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Huh? 13
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Allow me. <walking> Hey fella, got a light? 14
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 All right. She's locked in there. They call it... "the box." First, we need to remove that guard... 15
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 <Sound of movement, huffing and puffing> 16
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Sigh. Always with the dames. 17
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Not so fast, my flesh-rotten friend! That girl we came in with. We're the only chance she's got. Come on! 18
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Don't thank me yet, boss. We still need to get out of here. Let's go! While the guard's away from the front gate! 19
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Argyle, you magnificent bastard! You did it! 20
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 So little faith, boss. I could disarm this Slaver junk with my eyes closed. One second... <click!> there! Now for yours... stand still! <click!> 21
RadioGNRDashwoodEp1 Neutral 50 Today's episode - escape from Paradise Falls! 22
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Quite right, old Chum. Save those questions, Miss Chase. If we survive what happens next, I may even answer them! 23
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Boss, that sounds like a kid screaming! And it's coming from those ruins! 24
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 <sound of a child screaming> 25
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Oh, I don't know, Daring. For example, that name of yours. I happen to like "Herbert." Why the... 26
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Ahh, now, Argyle old chum. Let's not, um, bore the beautiful Miss Chase with those ancient exploits. 27
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 With all due respect, boss - you didn't. If you remember, it was me who got you out of that little "situation" in... 28
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Are you kidding, my dear? Argyle has saved my skin more times than I care to remember. I hardly know how I got by before I met him. 29
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 My my, Argyle. You are rather resourceful for a Ghoul, aren't you? 30
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Heh heh. The old "Shady Sands Shuffle." It sure brings me back. You two smoothskins okay? 31
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 <loud explosions> 32
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 It's not what he's taking out my dear, but rather what he's putting in. Duck and Covveerrr! 33
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Why is your Ghoul friend picking their pockets? This is no time for sticky fingers, Daring! {whispered} 34
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Now see here, you hulking horrors! This young lady has been through quite enough for one day! Holster your weapons or... 35
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Out of the frying pan... 36
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Super Mutants! 37
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Stupid human! Shut up now! <sound of guns cocking> You come with us now! 38
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Ha! Now that's what this Wasteland needs - more women with spunk and explosives! So tell me, Penelope, what's the next stop on... 39
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 And by "disrupt" I mean "blow up." 40
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 My friends call me Penelope, and let's just say those Slavers don't take too kindly to people disrupting their caravans. 41
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 So, Ms. Chase... How did you come to be, ahh... "held up" in Paradise Falls? 42
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 <sound of walking over gravel> 43
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Ha! That'll teach those Slaver slimebags to follow us. Looks like that's the last of them, boss. 44
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 <sounds of gunfire> 45
RadioGNRDashwoodEp2 Neutral 50 Today's episode - Super Mutant Mayhem! 46
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Looks like I've gotten us into one heck of a pickle, Argyle old chum. One heck of a pickle indeed... 47
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Quite right. We've been trying to capture these Rockopolis rodents for years. Never could have done it without you, Daring. 48
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 I knew it! I knew this dame was no good! But it's worse than I thought. She's the Black Widow! The leader of the Slavers! 49
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Jabber all you want. In about 30 seconds, my associates from Paradise Falls will join us. 50
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Here I thought we were friends. And now you have a gun in my face. Bad form, Miss Chase. Bad form. 51
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Oh, I don't know, Daring darling. I find the ghoul's instincts to be... frighteningly accurate. 52
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Ignore my manservant's mutterings, Penelope. He has a penchant for the dramatic you see. Why one time... 53
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Listen to yourself, boss! This is Rockopolis! One of the safest places in the Wasteland, and you just showed a stranger where it is! 54
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Oh, no, Miss Chase! I can assure you, this will be our special place. 55
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Now that's what I call a getaway, Daring! So tell me, do you take all your girlfriends here? 56
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Just over here! This large boulder! And now... the secret knock. And... voila! 57
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 So you do know where it is! Well come on then, those Super Mutants can't be far behind! 58
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Now now, old chum! Miss Chase is hardly going to violate the secrets of Rockopolis. Isn't that right, Miss Chase? Besides, necessity calls! 59
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Boss! That's privileged information! You can't just... 60
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Turns out you're in good company, Miss Chase. Argyle and I are old friends of Rockopolis. Know the secret knock and everything! 61
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 In those hills up there! Isn't that where the hidden village of Rockopolis is located? If only we knew where it was... 62
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Well, those Super Mutants are persistent if nothing else! A word of advice - keep running! 63
RadioGNRDashwoodEp3 Neutral 50 Today's episode In the Black Widow's Web! 64
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Best hurry, old chum... I can't hang on... much longer... I think this could be the end... of... 65
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Boss! Don't worry, I'm coming! 66
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Child's play, you withering worry wort! Watch... tthhiiss. Woooaaaahhh!! 67
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 They're gaining on us boss! That cliff up ahead - you think you can jump it? You ain't as spry as you used to be... 68
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 This way, Argyle! Into the caves! It's our only chance! (sound of running) 69
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Citizens of Rockopolis! Destroy these interlopers! 70
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Warm welcome's over boss! Time to scram! 71
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Dashwwwooooddd! 72
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Inspired you to tighten your defenses? 73
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Slavers? You led the Slavers here? To Rockopolis? You idiots! Do you realize what you've done! 74
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 She's the least of your worries, Craggy. In a few seconds, the Slavers are gonna be breaking down your rocky front door! 75
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Herbert Dashwood? Ugh... I should have known. But who is this... this dead woman? And... is that her... heart? 76
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Oh magnificent King Crag, fearless leader of Rockopolis! It's me, Daring! Daring Dashwood? 77
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 What is the meaning of this?! 78
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Your kung fu skills may be unparalleled, old chum, but your comic delivery leaves something to be desired... 79
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Ah, I always knew this broad was heartless. Get it, boss? Heartless? 80
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Good God, Argyle! You... You ripped out her heart! 81
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Aggghhhh! 82
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Funny business? Miss Chase, you hurt my feelings. I mean, there ain't nothin' funny about... the Eagle Clawwww!!! 83
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Just ease away, zombie. No funny business... 84
RadioGNRDashwoodEp4 Neutral 50 Today's episode - Between Rockopolis and a Hard Place! 85
RadioGNRDashwoodLeadIn RadioGNRDashwoodLeadIn Neutral 50 You're listening to the adventures of me, Herbert "Daring" Dashwood, and my stalwart Ghoul manservant Argyle! 86
RadioGNRDashwoodLeadIn Neutral 50 You're listening to the adventures of me, Herbert "Daring" Dashwood, and my stalwart Ghoul manservant Argyle! 87
RadioGNRDashwoodLeadIn Neutral 50 You're listening to the adventures of me, Herbert "Daring" Dashwood, and my stalwart Ghoul manservant Argyle! 88
RadioGNRDashwoodLeadIn Neutral 50 You're listening to the adventures of me, Herbert "Daring" Dashwood, and my stalwart Ghoul manservant Argyle! 89