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This page is about the location that appears in the Capital Wasteland. For the pre-War company, see Radiation King (company).

Radiation King is a location in Georgetown, in Fallout 3.


Residing in Georgetown located next to A Cuppa Joe and Cornucopia Fresh Groceries, there can be super mutants as well as Talon Company mercs in the nearby area. Upon entering all that can be seen of the store is a small one room area with a bathroom. It is inhabited by a scavenger with a ham radio and a jukebox and 3 radios.

The scavenger buys/sells items and can repair your gear, although his Repair skill is only 12. He can be killed with a negative effect on Karma and his wares looted, however, stealing the food is considered theft and will also result in Karma loss. Everything else is not owned and can be taken freely.


  • This place is a possible location for player housing (if the scavenger is killed).
  • The jukebox and all of the 3 radios in the shop can be turned on for a notable acoustic effect.
  • The jukebox and 2 of the radios are tuned in to Galaxy News Radio, while the third plays Enclave Radio.


The Radiation King appears only in Fallout 3.


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