Rad Regeneration

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Rad Regeneration
Rad Regeneration
Fallout 3
requirements600+ Rads
effectsCrippled limbs will regenerate under effect of Advanced Radiation Poisoning
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Here, take a few radiation Chems, as my little way of saying, "I'm sorry I twisted your DNA like a kitten with a ball of yarn."

Moira Brown

Rad Regeneration is a quest perk in Fallout 3.


When under the effects of Advanced Radiation Poisoning (400+ Rads) any crippled limbs will automatically regenerate.

This perk is gained by getting exposed to Critical Radiation Poisoning (600+ rads) for Moira's Wasteland Survival Guide. This mutation is a result of Moira's experimental radiation treatment.


  • Advanced Rad Poisoning causes a loss of 2 points of Endurance and 1 point of Agility. That is -4 to Big Guns and Unarmed, as well as -2 to Small Guns, Sneak, and total Action Points.
  • Adamantium Skeleton is just as effective at protecting limbs from crippling injury, yet it carries no penalties.
  • This perk may cause the player character's right hand to appear mutated when viewed in third person.
  • The perk still exists in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas, albeit only as legacy content.

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