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For the Rad-X that appear in the Fallout series, see Rad-X.

Rad-X significantly increases your Radiation Resistance for a limited period of time.

— Loading screen hint

Rad-X is a consumable item in Fallout 4.


Each dose increases radiation resistance by 100 for a duration (the effect can be stacked).


Rad-X can be found in many locations throughout the Commonwealth. It can be frequently found at random inside first aid boxes, and can also be bought from any doctor NPC, including those from the medical stores that can be built at settlements with rank two of the Local Leader perk.


  • Rad-X can be stacked. Each subsequent Rad-X that the Sole Survivor consumes will improve the Radiation Resistance with a further 100 points.
  • Taking Rad-X does not count as an affinity action as it can not cause addiction to the player, therefore not being checked as a chem, but rather as a healing item. Note that this does not apply to Med-X however.

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