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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

//begin 8th September 2000

//Key racial types
name_BOS = {Human}
name_Mutant = {Super Mutant}
name_Deathclaw = {Death Claw}
name_Ghoul = {Ghoul}
name_RobotHumanoid = {Humanoid-Robot}
name_Dog = {Dog}

desc_BOS = {The fact that any humans survived the war is a testament to their ingenuity. The fact that there was a war at all is testament to there stupidity. Humans get perks every 3 levels.}
desc_Mutant = {Super Mutants were created by the Master 40 years ago. They are generally strong but stupid, and because of their bulk they cannot wear human armour or use small weapons. They get a bonus to hit points, radiation and poison resistance.}
desc_Deathclaw = {Deathclaws were derived from mixed animal stock and then refined using genetic engineering to produce super fast killing machines. Because of their extreme power they get a large amount of hit points and a boost to radiation resistance. However they are vulnerable to fire and cannot use any weapons or armour.}
desc_Ghoul = {Ghouls were once humans, but they where caught outside of a protective vault when the bombs dropped. They are highly resistant to radiation because of their exposure and also get a bonus to poison resistance. Unfortunately they are physicaly weak and cannot use heavy weapons.}
desc_RobotHumanoid = {The C-27 Series Humanoid Robots are devastating war machines built from pre-war technology. They have high damage capacity, including most resistances but are especially vulnerable to EMP weapons. They never get perks, but get an extra 5 skill points per level}
desc_Dog = {Post war dogs are pretty much the same as pre war dogs - only thinner. Dogs have higher perception and agility than humans but can only carry one item which they cannot use. They get perks every 2 levels.}
//end 8th September 2000 revision

name_Tribal = {Tribal}
name_TribalLarge = {Tribal-Large}
name_Raider = {Raider}
name_RaiderLarge = {Raider-Large}
name_RaiderHuge = {Raider-Huge}
name_Reaver = {Reaver}
name_ReaverHuge = {Reaver-Huge}
name_BOSScribe = {BOS Scribe}
name_BOSElder = {BOS Elder}
name_CitizenAlpha = {Citizen-Alpha}
name_CitizenThin = {Citizen-Thin}
name_CitizenMedium = {Citizen-Medium}
name_VaultZero = {Vault Zero Citizen}
name_DeathclawBaby = {Deathclaw Baby}
name_BDCSmall = {Small Cockroach}
name_BDCLarge = {Large Cockroach}
name_RobotPacification = {Pacification Robot}
name_RobotLifter = {Lifter Robot}
name_RobotHover = {Hover Robot}
name_RobotTank = {Tank Robot}
name_RobotBehemoth = {Behemoth}
name_RobotSecurity = {Security Robot}
name_RobotScurry = {Scurry-bot}
name_Wasp = {Wasp}
name_Radscorpion = {Radscorpion}
name_Rat = {Rat}
name_Brahmin = {Brahmin}
name_Komodo = {Komodo}
name_GunTurret01 = {GunTurret01}
name_GunTurret02 = {GunTurret02}
name_Tank = {Tank}
name_Hummer = {Hummer}
name_Scouter = {Scouter}
name_APC = {APC}
name_Car = {Car}
name_DuneBuggy = {DuneBuggy}
name_PipBoy = {PipBoy}
name_Wolf = {Wolf}
name_Dummy = {Dummy}

// Added 11/1/01
name_UniqueHumanoid = {UniqueHumanoid}
name_UniqueOther = {UniqueOther}
//end 2001-01-24