Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Richie, a cut character from Fallout


{100}{}{You see Richie.}
{101}{}{You're not supposed to do that. I'm gonna have to stop you!}
{102}{}{You're not supposed to be here. Do you realize I'm supposed to kill you?}
{103}{}{Your shift is over. I'm your replacement.}
{104}{}{Hub vault inspector. I'm here to inspect the vault. Move aside.}
{105}{}{Kid, fight it. End the cycle of violence now!}
{106}{}{Who told you that! Mister, if you attack me, it'll be the biggest mistake of your life!}
{107}{}{Hi kid! What's in the steel vault?}
{108}{}{Too late, punk. You're dead.}
{109}{}{Uh... yeah... runk...}
{110}{}{I'm not supposed to be talking to you! Scram!}
{111}{}{It's about time! It's hot in here! Boring too! If I didn't need this job to feed my family, I'd tell Lorenzo to stick it. See you tomorrow.}
{112}{}{I'm not supposed to leave this place and you're not supposed to be here. Get out!}
{113}{}{You Hub officials make me sick! Inspecting my bosses' vault! What's next, higher taxes? Can't a man earn an honest living anymore without you bureaucrats trying to control everything? One of these days we're going to take a stand. Yeah, one of these days the common man is going to give you fatcats a knee to the balls like you deserve. One of these days we'll get you real good' I can't wait' By the way, it's not meant personal. I know you're just doing your job. I'll get out of your face while you do your inspection. Bye.}
{114}{}{Don't give me this crap! Get outta here now or I'll have to shoot you!}
{115}{}{Oh yeah. Well no one pushes around Richie Glowsteader and gets away with it!}
{116}{}{Oh just about ten thousand Hub Bucks. Hope you weren't thinking of stealing it. I'd have to kill you. I almost killed someone once, so you don't want to mess with me!}
{117}{}{Man, you're stupid. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. Now let's try this again. "Yes" means I blow your head off. "No" means you get your butt out of here. Which is it going to be?}
{118}{}{Ah . . . yes . . .}
{119}{}{Uh... no...}
{120}{}{Runk! Runk!}
{121}{}{Man, I can't do it! It'd be like shooting a dumb animal. Just get outta here, okay?}
{122}{}{That's good. Now run along now. I'm sure you might find someone to feed you...}
{123}{}{Maybe one runk means "yes" and two runks mean "no". Okay, "runk" means I kill you. "Runk, runk" means you leave. Okay?}
{125}{}{Runk, runk.}
{126}{}{Runk, runk, runk!}
{127}{}{Three runks. Shit, this isn't working. Maybe I'll just ignore you and you'll wander off'}