But I guess they had to stop after the first few kids thought they were filled with Nuka-Cola and drank it downCliff Briscoe

The REPCONN Shakes was an illness that was caused when a few pre-War children drank the glowing blue liquid from a rocket souvenir toy. The children mistook the liquid inside of said rocket toy for Nuka-Cola Quartz (presumably) and drank it down after getting them at the REPCONN gift shop.


It is assumed that the symptoms would be the same as drinking any other poisonous substance such as Windex.

  1. Severe diarrhea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Severe shaking
  4. Fever
  5. Teeth chattering
  6. Pale-looking face
  7. Blood in vomit
  8. Increased blood pressure to compensate for lost blood after vomiting


The REPCONN Shakes, according to Cliff Briscoe "was a bad thing indeed for RobCo". Having no want for the rocket toys after that incident, they unloaded all of their stock of rocket toys onto the Dino Bite gift shop in Novac, where they have sat for over 200 years.