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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Regulators in Adytum


{100}{}{You see a Regulator, one of the guards of Adytum.}
{102}{}{Keep your weapons under control while you're here.}
{103}{}{Welcome to Adytum, stranger. Watch yourself, we'll be watching you.}
{104}{}{I'd like to enter.}
{105}{}{Can I ask you a few questions?}
{106}{}{Uhhh . . .}
{107}{}{Zimmerman might have a use for you. Come inside, but remember, we're watching.}
{108}{}{Welcome back! You're welcome here any time.}
{109}{}{Don't you have a job to do? Come back here when you've dealt with the it.}
{110}{}{Go away!}
{111}{}{What do you want now?}
{112}{}{I'd like to enter.}
{114}{}{Nothing. Never mind.}
{117}{}{What do you want to know about?}
{118}{}{What do you do here?}
{119}{}{Can you tell me more about the Boneyard?}
{120}{}{How can I get inside?}
{121}{}{What do you know about the Children of the Cathedral and the Followers of the Apocalypse?}
{122}{}{Nothing, thanks.}
{123}{}{I'm one of the Regulators. It's our job to keep the peace in Adytum, and to protect the town. Our boss, Caleb, could tell you more.}
{124}{}{East of us are the Followers. They are a bunch of peace-nuts. East are the Blade, a bunch of Skags if you ask me. A ways south of here is the Cathedral, where the Children have their religious center.}
{125}{}{Sorry, but we have to be careful of strangers here. Too dangerous. Maybe you can do some work for Zimmerman.}
{126}{}{Finish your job.}
{127}{}{You're welcome here anytime, of course!}
{128}{}{They're both groups of nuts. The Followers want everyone to be peaceful and happy. They don't realize that the world is too harsh for that.}
{129}{}{The Children have some sort of god they worship in their Cathedral to the south. They have a hospital, but they're a little too weird to be on the level.}
{130}{}{You were warned to keep your weapons under control!}
{131}{}{You'd better put your weapons away while you're here.}
{132}{}{A thief, eh? Let me show you what we do to your kind here!}
{134}{}{Watch yourself.}
{135}{}{We're watching you.}
{136}{}{Stay in line.}
{137}{}{What 'da looking at.}
{138}{}{What 'da want.}
{139}{}{I guess this means we're done with you, old man.}
{1100}{}{That's here.}
{1101}{}{They live easth of here.}
{1102}{}{It's a ways south of us.}
{1104}{}{They're on the north of here.}
{1105}{}{They're to the east of the Blades, and then north of the Deathclaws.}
{1106}{}{We trade with them.}
{1107}{}{Isn't that a city north of here?}
{1108}{}{A what?}
{1109}{}{Tine's store is underground near the gate.}
{1110}{}{He's the mayor.}
{1111}{}{I hear it's out east.}
{1112}{}{That's a myth.}
{1113}{}{We protect Adytum.}
{1114}{}{They go outside to get things.}
{1115}{}{This is the Boneyard.}

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