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This is a transcript for dialogue with the Rivet City guard abducted in Mothership Zeta.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Can't be real... this can't be happening... {scared, shocked} 1
GREETING Neutral 50 I'll wake up any minute now... just need to wake up. {scared, shocked} 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Nope, nope. Not real, none of it is real. Can't hurt me if it's not real. {scared, shocked} 3
GREETING Disgust 50 Can't you see I'm eating? What do you want? 4
GREETING Fear 50 Hey, you. Have you seen C.J. Young? We have a report that she is missing. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 I'm on duty. Make it quick. 6
MS08TopicPinkerton I'm tracking down a guy named Pinkerton. Do you know where I can find him? Disgust 25 Don't you believe the rumors. His ghost is certainly NOT haunting the bow of the ship. Now, if you'll excuse me. I have work to do. {annoyed to be bothered with such nonsense} 7
RCDirections I'm kind of lost. Can you help me? Disgust 50 I suppose. 8
RCDirectionsHealing Where can I get medical help? Neutral 50 Doctor Preston is in the upper deck, fore section. That's the top interior floor in the southwest end. 9
RCDirectionsInCharge Who's in charge around here? Happy 50 Depends. Chief Harkness is in charge of security. He patrols the whole city. Security bunks down in the tower. 10
Neutral 50 Doctor Li kind of runs everything else. She's in the aft. That's the northeast end of the city. 11
Who's in charge around here? Neutral 50 It doesn't work like that. We're just security. Doctor Li runs most of everything else. 12
Neutral 50 Bannon kind of represents the merchants. He also owns Potomac Attire. 13
RCDirectionsRest Is there someplace I can sleep? Disgust 50 The common room is free, but the beds are lousy. It's on the midship deck. A big open room with lots of beds. You can't miss it. 14
Neutral 50 If you want to sleep well rested, rent a room from Vera Weatherly. She's on the upper deck. 15
RCDirectionsScienceLab Where is Doctor Li's lab? Neutral 50 At the stern. That's the west end to you. 16
RCDirectionsStores Where are the stores? Neutral 50 Hangar deck. Right in the middle of the ship. Can't miss it. 17
Where are the stores? Neutral 50 Hangar deck. Right in the middle of the ship. Can't miss it. 18
Surprise 50 But it's closed now. Check back in the morning. It opens pretty early. 19
RCSecurityTrouble I'd like to report someone. Surprise 50 Oh, really? 20
Disgust 50 If someone took your stuff, go get it back. If they shoot at you, shoot back. 21
Disgust 50 Otherwise, I've got to see it for myself before I'm gonna do anything. 22
RCTopicCityCouncil I heard that Rivet City is run by some sort of Council? Neutral 50 Chief Harkness meets with Doctor Li and Bannon to discuss security matters. 23
Disgust 50 It's a waste of a good Monday morning if you ask me. They should just let Chief Harkness call the shots. 24
I heard that Rivet City is run by some sort of Council? Neutral 50 Chief Danvers meets with Doctor Li and Bannon to discuss how to run this tub. 25
Disgust 50 It's a waste of a good Monday morning if you ask me. They should just let Chief Harkness call the shots. 26
RCTopicCPS What is the Capital Preservation Society? Disgust 50 It's some sort of museum that nutjob Abraham Washington runs. 27
RCTopicDoctorLi What can you tell me about Doctor Li? Surprise 50 She's some sort of genius. You know. One of those egg head scientist types. 28
Neutral 50 Her lab is in the stern end of the ship. 29
RCTopicPaulieAddict Is Paulie really addicted to chems? Disgust 50 Oh, yeah. He's a mess. I'm glad I'm not in Cindy's shoes. 30

Conversation Edit

HELLO HELLO Anger 50 I oughta toss you off this ship for what you did, but the boss says Rivet City has to forgive and forget. Still, I'm watching you. 31
HELLO Disgust 50 You're a lowlife, but if you keep your nose clean, we'll let you stay. 32
HELLO Neutral 50 Go get some chow. Your shift's over. 33
HELLO Neutral 50 Shift's over. Go get some rest. 34
HELLO Neutral 50 Everything looks okay here. 35
HELLO Surprise 50 Any trouble in this area? 36
HELLO Anger 50 I'm looking for troublemakers. Have you seen any? 37
HELLO Disgust 50 Out of the way you rust bucket. 38
HELLO Disgust 50 It was so noisy last night. I could hardly sleep. 39
HELLO Sad 50 One of the new immigrants died of radiation poisoning last week. 40
HELLO Surprise 50 I heard that the City Council is debating putting railings on the flight deck. 41
HELLO Surprise 50 Did you hear about the fight in the Muddy Rudder last night? 42
HELLO Surprise 50 Doctor Li and her staff left to get Project Purity running. 43
HELLO Surprise 50 I heard that a bunch of former slaves from Paradise Falls set up a free town in the Lincoln Memorial. 44
HELLO Surprise 50 Did you hear that the Enclave attacked Project Purity? They've taken over the Memorial. 45
HELLO Surprise 50 Hey, have you noticed that Enclave radio is off the air? 46
HELLO Surprise 50 Did you hear what happened to Ted Strayer? 47
HELLO Surprise 50 You know Tenpenny Tower, right? Well, Allistair Tenpenny was killed. 48
HELLO Surprise 50 There was some sort of battle in the city yesterday. The gate guard said the gunfire went on for over an hour. 49
HELLO Sad 50 They found Harkness dead. It looks like he put up a fight though. 50
HELLO Surprise 50 Chief Harkness has vanished. Nobody knows what happened to him. 51
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey. 52
RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Neutral 50 Nothing, sir. 53
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 Oddly, sir? No, I haven't seen anyone else acting oddly. 54
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 So far everything's been quiet. 55
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 Sounds good. I'm beat. 56
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 All quiet, Commander. 57
RCGoodbye Disgust 50 I'm on patrol, punk. Try and stay out of my way. 58
RCGoodbye04 RCGoodbye04 Surprise 50 I'll try that. 59
RCGoodbye05 RCGoodbye05 Sad 50 Yeah. That was bad. I'm sure they'll do something about it. 60
RCGoodbye06 RCGoodbye06 Neutral 50 I'm sure she'll just scrounge some from the lower deck. 61
RCGoodbye07 RCGoodbye07 Happy 50 I never expected it to happen in my lifetime. I can hardly wait to taste clean water. 62
RCGoodbye08 RCGoodbye08 Disgust 50 Good for them. I think slavery is horrible. 63
RCGoodbye09 RCGoodbye09 Fear 50 I heard a lot of them got away and made it to the Citadel. I hope the Enclave leaves us alone. 64
RCGoodbye10 RCGoodbye10 Happy 50 Thank God! That was such an annoying broadcast. 65
RCGoodbye11 RCGoodbye11 Fear 50 I used to think Rivet City was such a safe place. 66
RCGoodbye12 RCGoodbye12 Fear 50 That's just a myth. I bet some deranged Ghoul did it though. Well, I gotta run. 67
RCGoodbye13 RCGoodbye13 Happy 50 Me too. Nothing is getting through these walls! 68
RCGoodbye14 RCGoodbye14 Fear 50 It's a tough job. I wouldn't want it. 69
RCGoodbye15 Fear 50 The ship's water isn't much better. If we don't get fresh water soon, we'll all end up like her. 70
RCResponse04 RCResponse04 Happy 50 Maybe A Quick Fix has something that will help you sleep. Cindy's got all kinds of good chems. 71
RCResponse05 RCResponse05 Disgust 50 Well, I hope they do something. Remember that child that fell off the deck last year? 72
RCResponse06 RCResponse06 Neutral 50 Yeah. Belle's going to have to replace some tables and chairs. 73
RCResponse07 RCResponse07 Surprise 50 Really? It's ready? That's great news! I hope there aren't any problems at the Jefferson Memorial. 74
RCResponse08 RCResponse08 Neutral 50 Oh, yeah! I heard about that. They're trying to help other slaves escape too. 75
RCResponse09 RCResponse09 Neutral 50 Oh my God! Did anyone escape? 76
RCResponse10 RCResponse10 Neutral 50 Remember that big explosion on the horizon? I bet that's what happened to it. 77
RCResponse11 RCResponse11 Surprise 50 Wasn't he killed by some maniac? Shot right in the head, like he was a Ghoul or something. 78
RCResponse12 RCResponse12 Neutral 50 I heard about that! He was shot in the head like he was some sort of zombie. They say that's how you kill a Ghoul too. 79
RCResponse13 RCResponse13 Happy 50 That's why I'm glad I'm in here. Good old Rivet City. 80
RCResponse14 RCResponse14 Neutral 50 I heard Danvers has his job now. 81
RCResponse14 Fear 50 I hope they find someone to fill his shoes soon. 82
RCResponse15 Disgust 50 Yeah. I heard she was drinking river water. 83