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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue file for Caminetto, as well as his cocky floats directed at Blasphemous Bette. Also includes dialogue from Sheriff Marion after the brawl.


{100}{}{You see a short, burly, miner with curly black hair.}
{101}{}{You see Caminetto, a brawling miner for the Kokoweef Mine.}
{102}{}{You see a thick-set man with the air of a confident fighter.}
{103}{}{Caminetto, your Kokoweef miners are all show and no go.}
{104}{}{I'll show you where to go, Blasphemous Bette.}
{105}{}{You couldn't show me where to go with a roadmap.}
{106}{}{Just 'cause I wouldn't wanna get that close to ya.}
{107}{}{Don't flatter yourself, you little runt.}
{108}{}{You'd be lucky to get a runt instead of that drilling machine you normally use.}
{109}{}{Well, at least my drill lasts more than thirty seconds.}
{110}{}{No wonder the Morningstar's machinery is always breaking down.}
{111}{}{I'll show you broken down, with my fists!}
{112}{}{Your fists? Your breath is bad enough.}
{113}{}{I don't know how you could smell that over your own 3-week stink.}
{114}{}{Stink? Hell, looking at you causes me enough pain.}
{115}{}{You don't know nuthin' about pain, but I'll teach you something.}
{116}{}{You teach me?}
{117}{}{Yeah, that's right. 'Cause your momma sure didn't.}
{118}{}{You talkin' about my momma now? Ain't that creative.}
{119}{}{I'll do a better job of creating a new face for you. That old one sure ain't much to look at.}
{120}{}{You and what army?}
{121}{}{Just me, that's all it's gonna take. But I bet us Morningstars can take you wimpy Kokoweefs anytime.}
{122}{}{I don't think so. Kokoweef rules the roost here. I'm gonna have to learn you that.}
{123}{}{Gonna be hard for you to do that when I beat you unconscious.}
{124}{}{Think you might get lucky then, huh?}
{125}{}{I don't need luck to pound you flat.}
{126}{}{You're gonna pound me with your fat? Uh oh, now I *am* scared.}
{127}{}{Put up or shut up you, little shrimp.}
{128}{}{Come get some, you hag.}
{129}{}{Now who's hoping to get lucky?}
{130}{}{That's it, I'm gonna take you out for that one.}
{131}{}{Who the hell is this watching us?}
{132}{}{Someone new. Hey, this is a private matter! Let's get 'em!}
{133}{}{Fer once I agree with you. Get 'em!}
{134}{}{You sure did yourself a job there. Put every damn miner in Redding behind bars.}
{135}{}{You got some nerve, putting us away.}
{136}{}{We was just having a bit of fun. Let us out.}
{137}{}{What we was doin' weren't none of your business.}
{138}{}{Get the hell out of here.}
{139}{}{Get me out of here.}
{140}{}{Hey, let me out.}
{141}{}{I'm innocent.}
{142}{}{I didn't do nothin'}
{143}{}{Sheriff? I gotta take a leak.}
{144}{}{What the hell do you want?}
{145}{}{I'm not going to let you fight each other.}
{146}{}{I was just wondering what's going on here.}
{147}{}{Me and my boys are gonna teach these Morningstar creampuffs a lesson. Starting with Blasphemous Bette over there.}
{148}{}{Why? What started it?}
{149}{}{I see. Well, I can't let you do that. You have to break it up now.}
{150}{}{We just got tired of their ornery selves stinking up our bar.}
{151}{}{That's not good enough. I can't let you fight.}
{152}{}{Well, that seems like a problem, all right. I don't blame you. Good luck.}
{153}{}{Oh yeah? How're you gonna stop us?}
{154}{}{I'll kill the first person to throw a punch.}
{155}{}{I'm just going to ask you real nice like. Then I'm going to load up my weapons and wait for some target practice.}
{156}{}{The Sheriff asked me to help him out while he's laid up with a bum leg. I've got to keep my word to him.}
{157}{}{Well, OK...for the Sheriff's sake I 'spose we can hold off a bit.}
{158}{}{Thanks. I was hoping you'd see things that way. Goodbye.}
{159}{}{Well, aren't you a goody-two-shoes. I don't think I like your tone, pal.}
{160}{}{You don't have to like it. You're going to walk with me to the Jail or I'm gonna drag your corpse there. Your choice.}
{161}{}{Oh, I'm sorry. I certainly didn't mean to be rude. I'll be leaving now. Goodbye.}
{162}{}{All right, all right. I'll go if you jail Bette, too. That sounds like a fair deal.}
{163}{}{You're not in a position to make deals.}
{164}{}{That's not a bad idea. Putting some bars between the two of you should cool things off a bit. Come along, you two.}
{165}{}{Aren't you tough. I don't think you can take us without people getting killed. You think the Sheriff is gonna like that?}
{166}{}{No, I guess he wouldn't.}
{167}{}{Doesn't matter to me. It won't be *my* blood that's spilled.}
{168}{}{I guess you got me there. Okay, I'll come quietly. (to the others) Go on back to the mine, lads. I'll see you tomorrow.}
{169}{}{Good choice.}
{170}{}{Don't worry, I'm bringing Bette along to keep you company. Right, Bette?}
{171}{}{I don't think it's going down like that. I think you just put yourself in the middle and now we're going to both take you apart.}
{172}{}{Then I'll just have to jail both you and Bette.}
{173}{}{Then I'll just have to kill both you and Bette.}
{174}{}{Hmm, I think I'm needed in another part of Redding. Right away. Goodbye.}
{175}{}{You bet he wouldn't. Why don't you just go back and tell him that there wasn't anything you could do?}
{176}{}{That's it. I've had enough of your mouth. One last chance: Go quietly or I'll tear you apart.}
{177}{}{Maybe I'll do that. I sure don't want to hurt anyone. Goodbye.}
{178}{}{All right, I think we can see the writing on the wall - right, Bette? (she nods) You got us. Take us in, Sheriff.}
{179}{}{That's more like it.}
{180}{}{Nope, too late now. I'm gonna have to open up a can of whoop-ass on you two. }