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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Ascorti guards in Ascorti's Ace and City Hall.


{100}{}{You see a burly-looking guard checking you out.}
{101}{}{You see one of Ascorti's security people.}
{102}{}{You see a competent, vigilant guard watching the crowd.}
{103}{}{Keep your hands off our stack, Jack.}
{104}{}{Gettin' greedy's gonna cost you.}
{105}{}{You shoulda known better than that.}
{106}{}{You thought you'd get away with that?}
{107}{}{You ain't gonna be able to spend anything now.}
{108}{}{There's gonna be a fee for this withdrawal.}
{109}{}{And I was just thinking how bored I am. Thanks, stranger.}
{110}{}{Yeah, party time begins.}
{111}{}{What a maroon. }
{112}{}{You'd think that even someone like you would know better than that.}
{113}{}{And I was just starting to get bored too.}
{114}{}{Yeah! Party's on!}
{115}{}{Let's dance.}
{116}{}{Ready to rumble?}
{117}{}{Oh yeah, bring it on, badman.}
{118}{}{I wanna see what your insides look like.}
{119}{}{Glad I'm not going to hafta clean up the mess your guts are gonna make in here.}
{120}{}{I ain't had a good fight for a week now.}
{121}{}{Oh yeah, oh yeeeeaaahhh!}
{122}{}{Good to go here.}
{123}{}{Don't fuck with the customers.}
{124}{}{You'll see what full service is all about.}
{125}{}{You can't attack the guests and get away with it.}
{126}{}{This ain't that kind of place, pally.}
{127}{}{No disruptin' the boss's business.}
{128}{}{You just gambled with your life, and lost.}
{129}{}{Looks like you're gonna lose this one.}
{130}{}{Gonna turn you into scraps for startin' a fight in here.}
{131}{}{You dumbass.}
{132}{}{You can't do that and live.}
{133}{}{Time to take you outta' da' gene-pool}
{134}{}{You shoulda known better.}
{135}{}{Sorry it had to come to this.}
{136}{}{You loser.}
{137}{}{Gotta keep the peace here.}
{138}{}{This is gonna hurt you more'n us.}
{139}{}{Gotta pay to play, pal.}
{140}{}{Told you to knock it off. Too bad you didn't listen.}
{141}{}{Now we've gotta come down hard on you.}
{142}{}{This is really going to hurt... you.}
{143}{}{Better put up that gat, pal.}
{144}{}{We don't want any trouble here friend. Put that away.}
{145}{}{Better put that piece away.}
{146}{}{Keep it in the holster, bub.}
{147}{}{Put that weapon away.}
{148}{}{Better put up that weapon.}
{149}{}{Keep your hands off the weapons while you're in here.}
{150}{}{Put that weapon away, pal.}
{151}{}{Sorry, gotta ask you to put that weapon away.}
{152}{}{Put your weapon away. We want things to stay friendly here.}
{153}{}{Just keepin' things in line here.}
{154}{}{Play nice.}
{155}{}{Keep things nice and frosty.}
{156}{}{Move along.}
{157}{}{Nothing to see here.}
{158}{}{Have a nice day.}
{159}{}{Welcome to Ascorti's.}
{160}{}{Play friendly.}
{161}{}{Have a nice day.}
{162}{}{Everyone's an Ace here at Ascorti's.}
{163}{}{So then I says to them, get your hands off my....}
{164}{}{I can't believe that someone'd be dumb enough to double up on that.}
{165}{}{Yup, that's a sucker-bet if I ever saw one.}
{166}{}{Man, I don't feel so great.}
{167}{}{That Ascorti's one sharp customer.}
{168}{}{Psst, straighten up, the boss's looking.}
{169}{}{See, it was like this, there was at least twenty....}
{170}{}{That Gecko pie's givin' me heartburn.}
{171}{}{Late night last night?}
{172}{}{You gotta still be hung over after that.}
{173}{}{Breakin' the law, breakin' the law.}
{174}{}{You can't come into our town and do that.}
{175}{}{You can't pull that kind of shit here.}
{176}{}{We don't need your kind here.}
{177}{}{Somebody's gotta stomp you flat.}
{178}{}{There's a stink in this town and I think it's you.}
{179}{}{I smell shitheel... oh, there you are.}
{180}{}{Get out of our town, fucknut.}
{181}{}{I ain't popped a skull for too long.}
{182}{}{I'm gonna watch you bleed for that one.}
{183}{}{Did you *really* think we wouldn't notice?}
{184}{}{I can't believe you're pulling that shit right in front of us.}
{185}{}{Uh, excuse me. KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF!}
{186}{}{Stop fucking with the door, you idiot.}
{187}{}{What are you doing?}
{188}{}{Sheesh, just a lower quality of criminals every day. }
{189}{}{Step away from the door.}
{190}{}{Don't touch that door again.}
{191}{}{Step away from the door.}
{192}{}{Don't touch that door again.}

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