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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

{101}{}{[There is a squeal of static, then you hear a deep voice over the radio.] Command to patrol, command to patrol. What is your status? Over.}
{103}{}{Uh, nothing is wrong here. We're fine, uh, how are you?}
{104}{}{Command, we are under attack by a large group of armed humans. Request assistance. Over.}
{105}{}{Help! Unknown attackers! Heavy damage! Coordinates follow: 10 . . . Argh!}
{106}{}{Understood, patrol. We are sending assistance now. Over.}
{107}{}{Who is this? What is your purpose?}
{108}{}{My purpose is to shut the hell up.}
{109}{}{I'm, uh, oh, never mind. I'm just going to kill you all anyways.}
{110}{}{This is, hmm, Fred. My purpose is patrol. I guess I'm a, uh, little dazed after that fall.}
{111}{}{Understood, patrol. What are your coordinates?}
{112}{}{224 by 104.}
{113}{}{Four miles, south-southwest.}
{114}{}{Gamma sector, at Omicron-Delta-Beta.}
{115}{}{Understood, patrol. Command, out.}
{116}{}{Understood, patrol. We are sending reinforcements.}
{117}{}{Ah, that explains it. We are sending help now.}
{118}{}{Roger, patrol. We're sending help now! Hold on!}
{119}{}{There is only static on the radio.}
{120}{}{You hear some chatter on the radio. You listen for a while, and discover nothing of importance.}
{121}{}{The radio has a red blinking light. You hear a high pitched squealing over the radio speaker.}
{122}{}{It sounds like encrypted audio.}
{123}{}{You send the command code to toggle the force field settings.}
{124}{}{There is only quiet static on the radio channel.}
{125}{}{The radio is not functioning.}
{126}{}{This radio is in perfect condition. The source of the problem must be external.}
{127}{}{There is nothing but the squeal of encrypted data over the radio.}
{128}{}{[Squeal-snick-pop] Command here, go ahead patrol.}
{130}{}{Uh, sorry, Command. I hit the talk button by mistake.}
{131}{}{Intruders in the base! Sound the alert!}
{132}{}{Roger Patrol, Command out.}
{133}{}{[You dial the frequency of the radio to the security control channel] [Click!] Enter access number. [Click!]}
{135}{}{Uh, 69.}
{137}{}{End access.}
{138}{}{Automatic security channel shutdown.}
{139}{}{You gain 1,500 experience points for tricking the mutant guards.}
{140}{}{You gain 2,000 experience points for sneaking into the depths of the military base without getting caught (yet) . . .}