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For an overview of power armor in the Fallout series of games, see power armor.
For the power armor with the original Nuka-Cola paint job, see Nuka T-51 power armor.
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Quantum X-01 power armor is a custom set of X-01 power armor appearing in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Nuka-Cola had strong ties with the U.S. military which allowed them access to their technology, including suits of power armor. The suits were given Nuka-Cola themed paint jobs and used to promote the soft drink. Vim! Pop Incorporated had a similar idea by using a suit of their own and giving it a Vim! inspired paint scheme to promote their drink.


The Quantum X-01 power armor is identical in stats and model to standard X-01 power armor, but bears a unique custom paint job in a variety of shades of blue in theme of the then-new Nuka-Cola Quantum flavor. It also displays the Nuka-Cola Quantum logo embossed in metal, automotive-style lettering on the left breastplate.

The Quantum X-01 power armor has the unique Legendary effect of increased Action Point refresh speed with all pieces equipped.

Quantum X-01 power armor is the most powerful armor suit one can find in the game due to it coming pre-upgraded to Mk V. Although X-01 Mk VI parts can be found on the various incomplete power armors scattered around Nuka-World and the Commonwealth, the Quantum armor is the only complete suit that is guaranteed to spawn with such high-level gear.


The Quantum X-01 power armor can only be found in a display case on the first floor of Starport Nuka, in the Galactic Zone, next to the large mainframe computer that controls many of the park's functions.

Related questsEdit


As of the current patch, the star core found in the Nuka-World junkyard barn respawns after one in-game week. The armor can therefore be acquired before any of the aforementioned quests have been completed by picking up this core multiple times. With enough patience and by waiting a very long time, one could even skip the tedious hunt for star cores entirely. Note that the respawning core is probably not intentional and might eventually get patched out.


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