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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for captured Arroyo villagers and Vault 13 prisoners on the Enclave Oil Rig.


{100}{}{You see a glum person in a vault suit.}
{101}{}{You see a prisoner from Vault 13.}
{102}{}{You see a very pale person wearing a Vault 13 vault suit.}
{103}{}{You see a member of your tribe.}
{104}{}{You see a fellow tribe member.}
{105}{}{You see a member of your tribe, they don't look well.}
{106}{}{This place is too rusty to be a vault.}
{107}{}{I think I can hear the ocean. }
{108}{}{Have you talked to Martin Frobisher?}
{109}{}{You should talk to Martin.}
{110}{}{Martin's our spokesman, you should talk to him.}
{111}{}{Mr. Frobisher is in the first cell.}
{112}{}{They don't even have any entertainment tapes here.}
{113}{}{I demand to talk to someone about the food quality.}
{114}{}{Great, now they threaten us with strange savages.}
{115}{}{Did you escape?}
{116}{}{How did you get out?}
{117}{}{You sound like the Chosen One.}
{118}{}{Are you- are you the Chosen One?}
{119}{}{You should talk to the Elder.}
{120}{}{The Elder said you would save us!}
{121}{}{Have you talked to the Elder yet?}
{122}{}{The Elder's in the first cell. You should talk to her.}
{123}{}{Talk to the Elder.}
{124}{}{Free us!}
{125}{}{Get us out of here.}
{126}{}{I can't take these walls anymore.}
{127}{}{I yearn to feel the wind on my face once more.}
{128}{}{Free us, Chosen One!}
{129}{}{The Chosen One is here!}
{130}{}{Set us free!}
{131}{}{Do what the Elder told you to.}
{132}{}{Get us out before the evil spirits come back again!}
{133}{}{Please help us, Chosen.}
{134}{}{Thank the gods, the Chosen One has come at last.}
{135}{}{Help us }
{136}{}{Free us }
{137}{}{You're here, }
{138}{}{You know what to do, so go do it!}
{139}{}{Get going!}
{140}{}{Get us out of here.}
{141}{}{Shut off the power!}
{142}{}{Free us.}
{143}{}{Go, get us out of here!}
{144}{}{Please help us!}
{145}{}{You're our only hope!}
{146}{}{Please, I can't take this much longer.}
{147}{}{I don't want any more medicine. No, no. Nooooooo!}
{148}{}{Spirits protect us!}
{149}{}{Where are the spirits when you need them?}
{150}{}{Help us!}
{151}{}{Free us!}
{152}{}{I want to go home.}
{153}{}{First drought and now this.}
{154}{}{No more needles, no more!}
{155}{}{I can't take it! The walls are closing in on me!}
{156}{}{(Sob, sob)}
{157}{}{Let my people go!}
{158}{}{Elder guide us.}
{159}{}{How did we offend these evil spirits?}
{160}{}{I don't much care for this.}
{161}{}{Where's Martin?}
{162}{}{This isn't a vault at all.}
{163}{}{Get us out of here!}
{164}{}{Hello? Hello!}
{165}{}{I insist upon being freed.}
{166}{}{I'm a United States citizen and I demand to see who's in charge.}
{167}{}{Let me out.}
{168}{}{This is so boring.}
{169}{}{No more medicine. I can't take it anymore.}
{170}{}{They can't keep us here forever.}
{171}{}{The war isn't over?}


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