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Gametitle-FNV LR
Gametitle-FNV LR

Pvt. Foster's personal journal is a paper note in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road. It is a note written by Pvt. Foster.


It can be found on ground level near a skeleton, just south of Sunstone Tower roof, in a duffle bag.



Jesus, this place is a hellhole. I heard it was bad from some of the guys coming back, but... Jesus. Henriksen bought it when one of those unexploded warheads went off and Jenkins... those things got him. I don't know what they were exactly - ghouls, maybe, but nasty fuckers. LT thinks they were drawn by the explosion that killed Henrikson. I think we're all gonna die here.


  • This journal is 1 of 10 the player must find to complete the "Nostalgia" challenge.

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