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Chucky won't shut up about the one he kept as a pet being eaten by the others.

Ryan, Log Entry #87

Pumpkin is a tamed mole rat found in the office of Ryan Brigg, a scientist who has been trying to make mole rat meat more palatable.

He is located in the Jury St. tunnels locked in a metal cage.


  • Pumpkin is mentioned in one of Brigg's journal entries, which states that a raider named Chucky, who had been keeping it as a pet, was concerned that Pumpkin would be eaten by hostile mole rats. The entry implies that Brigg might have killed Chucky.[1]
  • Pumpkin is not hostile towards the Lone Wanderer and is found locked in a cage. There is no way to open the cage without the use of console commands.


Pumpkin appears only in Fallout 3.


  • xbox360Icon xbox360 pcIcon pc If killed, Pumpkin may respawn back in the cage the next time the player returns. [verified]


  1. Jury St. tunnels terminal entries#Log Entry #87

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