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For an overview of all mines, see Land mines.

The pulse mine consists of a proximity fuse and miniaturized EMP device enclosed in a gray metal casing screwed to the base. Armed status is indicated by four red diodes situated on top of the cover.


The pulse mine will begin beeping when a target comes within a short distance to it until it is disarmed or it detonates. The time until detonation depends on the Explosives skill of the person setting it off. Both soft and armored/robot targets will activate the fuse.

On detonation, the pulse mine creates an electromagnetic field affecting any functioning robots and turrets. The blast deals little damage to non- robot targets in close proximity to the detonating device.

The pulse mine can be disarmed with a high enough Explosives skill or simply avoided with the Perk: "Light Step".

The pulse mine will become live and likely to cause instant death after it's dropped into a non-player character's pants (inventory) via theft.


Boxes with pulse minesEdit

One plasma mine garanteed, 75% chance of 2 to 6 mines.


  • Note that some robots hover above the ground, thus making this mine useless.
  • Reverse pick-pocketing pulse mines and pulse grenades will kill organic opponents without the potential to hurt the player significantly.
  • Interestingly the EMP does no damage to power armored NPCs, even though the armor is highly mechanical and relies on a power source to function.


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