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For all skill books and their respective locations in Fallout 3, see Fallout 3 skill books.
For all skill books and their respective locations in Fallout: New Vegas, see Fallout: New Vegas skill books.
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This is an overview article which contains background information and cross-game comparisons. For game-specific information and stats, see the articles linked on the right.
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Fallout 3Pugilism Illustrated
Fallout: New VegasPugilism Illustrated

Pugilism Illustrated is a collection of writings on martial arts, written before the Great War.


Standard editionEdit

Pugilism Illustrated
Gameplay articles: Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas

This edition is commonly found in the Capital Wasteland and Mojave Wasteland.

Behind the scenesEdit

The front illustration is similar to illustrations of The Science of Self Defense: A Treatise on Sparring and Wrestling by Edmund Price.

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