Puesta del Sol switching station

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The Puesta del Sol switching station is a location in Sierra Madre found in the add-on Dead Money, where Christine is sent to perform her part in the opening ceremony.


The entrance to the station has a large gathering of the Cloud in front of it so you will have to rush through. The door to the building is through the Cloud and to the left. Inside the building when you enter is a small room with two speakers (one shielded, the other not) and a large variety of scientific equipment as well as a few terminals. The basement has a large quantity of the Cloud but this can be fixed as the ventilation system is operational and can be activated to purge the Cloud.

Notable loot

  • A Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual can be found in the eastern most room of the switching station. There is a huge machine on the south side of the room. The book is located on the catwalk that runs around the machine. It is the only portion of catwalk in this room that you have to jump to.
  • A Dean's Electronics can be found on the ground next to the corpse at the computer terminal that controls the speakers in the southernmost portion of the map. There is a tripwire trap just in front of the corpse.
  • An automatic rifle along with 48 armor piercing .308 rounds can be found leaning against the lockers in the utility room with the Ventilation Control System.
  • Vending machine code for the holorifle reinf. components mod is located where you leave Christine during the Mixed Signals quest, in the same room that has the elevator.
  • Lover's mark stash - Inside the switching station.
  • Toxic samples paper note inside the locker to the right of Ennis's locker.


Puesta del Sol switching station only appears in Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.

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