RobCo's always had an eye for robotics, and this little fellow is no different! This robotic marvel can not only recognize your face and voice with advanced facial and auditory recognition technology, it can also broadcast video and audio as well! Think of it - all the sights and sounds of your radio and TV in your living room at home blasted directly at you on the street, subway, bathroom, or wherever you may be! Never fear, you'll never miss a news bulletin or presidential address again, no matter where you are!— Description in the REPCONN headquarters museum

The prototype eyebot was a prototype eyebot which was never released by RobCo. It is currently at the REPCONN headquarters on static display.


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The model for this eyebot is found inside the REPCONN headquarters building, just past the first few rooms of displays, however it is not operational. It is said to have advanced facial and voice recognition. It also differs to the other models in the way it actually has a screen, instead of a grille at the front (presumably to act as a television screen). It is accompanied by a prototype Mister Handy model, experimental protectron model, and a prototype variant of the sentry bot.


A prototype can be seen in the REPCONN headquarters in a state of disrepair as an exhibit in the museum.