You never can have too many hands - three, why not four? That was RobCo's inspiration behind the popular (and cost-effective) Mr. Handy model, the first of the line shown here. Always a help around the household, whether with Mom in the kitchen using its titanium circular power saw or in the garage with Dad using its armor-piercing laser array, Mr. Handy is not just helpful... he's your friend, too.— Description in the REPCONN headquarters museum

The prototype Mister Handy was a prototype Mister Handy which was never released by RobCo. It is currently at the REPCONN headquarters on static display.


The prototype has a rusty, dark brown, greyish color, similar in model to the modern Mister Handy. It is equipped with buzz saws on two of its arms and doesn't have the flamer yet. Three of its eyes are mounted almost directly onto the head, unlike the modern version that has jointed extensions for the eyes. It has a fourth eye in its back, directing downwards.


A prototype can be seen in the REPCONN headquarters in a state of disrepair as an exhibit in the museum.