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Property of R. Burton is a holodisk in Fallout 4. It describes a conversation between a student blackmailing his principal.


  • Shaw High School at the Novice locked room behind the book return machine, at the library.



Principal Tanner: All right, Burton. I'm here. Hurry up, out with it, I have a lot of plans for this summer and none of them involve chatting with you.
Rusty Burton: Why, Ronald, I'm hurt. Skipping the pleasantries and getting right down to business. And after all we've accomplished together this semester...
Principal Tanner: For the last time, you little snot, it's Principal Tanner.
Rusty Burton: Fine. Principal Tanner. I'll make this quick... You've been giving me mentats to distribute to the students quietly and under the nose of the faculty. I have. Because of this, test scores have skyrocketed. The schoolboard has noticed. We've received quite an increase in funding. But the faculty doesn't know. No one here knows except you. And now, me. You've been skimming off the top and pocketing most of the funds. I want fifty percent of what you're embezzling, or I go to Superintendent Marcello with this.
Principal Tanner: What? How did you... When did you get so smart?
Rusty Burton: You've been giving me "brain pills" every week. What did you expect, you pathetic little man?
Principal Tanner: Well, so what if it's all true? No one's going to believe you! You're just a kid, and I'm the principal and, more importantly, an adult!
Rusty Burton: Oh, I think they'll believe me, Ronald. Especially after they hear you admit everything in your own words...
Principal Tanner: What are you talking about...Wait, is that a holotape? You son of a...!

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