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For the Fallout 3 versions of these items, see pre-War outfit (Fallout 3).

Pre-War outfits are sets of clothing in Fallout: New Vegas.

Casualwear and relaxedwear (as well as their dirty variants) can be repaired with each other. Similarly, parkstroller and spring outfits (as well as their dirty variants) can be used to fix each other.


(Dirty) pre-War casualwearEdit

Dirty pre-War casualwear

A brown sweater-vest and a pair of tan trousers for a male character, and a blue dress and heels for a female character.

(Dirty) pre-War relaxedwearEdit

Dirty pre-War relaxedwear

A green sweater-vest and magnolia colored trousers for a male character and a yellowish/brown dress, black belt, and black heels for a female.

(Dirty) pre-War spring outfitEdit

Pre-war spring outfit

For males, this is a red shirt and brown trousers and for females, a pink dress with red heels.

(Dirty) pre-War parkstroller outfitEdit

Dirty pre-War parkstroller outfit

For male characters, a gray shirt and blue jeans and for females, a yellow and green dress and heels.

(Grimy) pre-War businesswearEdit


Pre-War hatEdit

Pre-War hat

This is a brown Fedora that provides a Perception bonus of 1.

  • In Goodsprings there are 2 in Doc Mitchell's house, 1 can be bought from Chet. It can be found in most homes of any given non-player character. Many of the Omerta thugs wear them, including Big Sal.
  • This can also be found in the inventory of any random merchant that sells apparel.
  • Many can be found at Vault 19 in the dressers of the rooms in the Blue and Red sectors of the Vault.

Pre-War baseball capEdit

Pre-War Baseball Cap
This is a red baseball hat with a brim in the front that provides a Perception bonus of 1.

Pre-War bonnetEdit

Vikkis bonnet

A pre-War woman's bonnet. The bonnet appears the same regardless of the gender of the wearer.

  • Many can be found at Vault 19 in the dressers of the rooms in the Blue and Red sectors of the Vault.
  • Found in the wardrobes of the hotel rooms of the Ultra-Luxe casino.




  • xbox360Icon xbox360 Equipping Christine Royce with the pre-War hat can cause the game to freeze. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 The dirty pre-War parkstroller outfit weighs 10 while the normal pre-War parkstroller outfit only weighs 2. [verified]


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