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The powered water pump is a world object that is added to Fallout 4 with the Wasteland Workshop add-on.


The powered water pump is an upgrade to the normal water pump, providing an increased amount of water for settlements. Not only must it be placed on dirt like its unpowered predecessor, but it also requires 4 units of power to operate. In return, the pump provides 10 units of water, rivaling a basic water purifier in terms of capacity. Though it has the advantage of not requiring a water body to install like the purifier, this is offset by a greater power requirement to operate.


Copper (4)
Oil (4)
Rubber (8)
Screw (4)
Steel (15)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Powered water pump (1)


  • The powered water pump can give you purified water much like water purifiers.
  • The powered water pump can be built on a garden plot, but only if the plot is on the ground. This does not work at settlements like the Mechanist's lair and Boston Airport, as neither allows the garden plot to be built.

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