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The power armor display is a constructible settlement item added in the Fallout 4 add-on Contraptions Workshop.


This power armor holds a single power on a stand and can be connected side by side to other display units and can be powered to illuminate the armor on display.

The stands come in 4 styles: blue, gray metal, red and yellow.


Gears (6)
Oil (4)
Screw (4)
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Power armor display (1)


  • In order to mount a power armor frame on the display, the frame (empty or equipped) must be in close proximity to the display.
    • Activating the display itself will mount the frame.
  • The power armor display will mount the closest frame to the display, making it difficult to mount frames on linked displays difficult.
  • Power armor displays that are snapped together only require one unit to be connected to a power source.
  • Mounted frames can be re-equipped or worn.
    • If worn the frame will need to moved from the display before you can remove it.

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