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Power Play is a quest and achievement/trophy in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthroughEdit

After setting up three raider outposts, a quest pops up telling you to talk to Shank. He sends you back to Nuka-World with news of a revolt by the leader of the gang to whom you gave the least land. You must meet with the other leaders to retake the Nuka-World power plant, and after a small chat you storm the plant with the other two. Fight your way to the roof where you kill the rogue leader. You then go to the power control room and flip the switch to bring power back to Nuka-World in full.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The quest begins upon establishing the third raider outpost in the Commonwealth. The first step is returning to speak to Shank, whether he has been sent to the Commonwealth or remains in Nuka-World. He reveals that, depending on how the previous eight territories were doled out (five theme parks, three Commonwealth outposts), the gang that got the fewest territories has rebelled against the Overboss's decisions, taking control of the Nuka-World power plant.

Meet with the other bosses outside the power plant. No matter what dialogue choices are selected, the end result is that the traitorous gang and its leadership must die. The bosses join in the assault on the power plant, fighting through the traitorous gang's forces (who fight like ordinary raiders) and some feral ghouls.

The boss makes their last stand on the roof outside. After killing them, the player takes the control room key off the boss's corpse and proceeds to turn on the main power to Nuka-World. Fireworks erupt over the parks as the lights come back on. Talk to Gage to complete the quest and bring the main story of Nuka-World to an end.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
5 Talk to ShankNow that I've established a proper foothold in the Commonwealth, I should return to Shank to discuss our next move.
10 Meet the gang bosses near the Power PlantShank has informed me that Nisha has betrayed us, and used the Disciples to capture Nuka-World's Power Plant. I should meet with Mags, William and Mason so I can decide how to proceed.
20 Speak to NishaThe decision is unanimous... leaving Mason in control of the Power Plant is unacceptable. I have no choice but to hunt him down and kill him. It's time to put an end to the Pack.
30 Speak to MasonThe decision is unanimous... leaving Nisha in control of the Power Plant is unacceptable. I have no choice but to hunt her down and kill her. It's time to put an end to the Disciples.
40 Speak to NishaThe decision is unanimous... leaving Mags and William in control of the Power Plant is unacceptable. I have no choice but to hunt them down and kill them. It's time to put an end to the Operators.
50 Hunt Down and Kill NishaNisha has been killed. I should retrieve the key to the control room from her body.
60 Hunt Down and Kill Mags BlackMags and William have both been killed. I should retrieve the key to the control room from Mag's body
70 Hunt Down and Kill William BlackMags and William have both been killed. I should retrieve the key to the control room from Mag's body
80 Hunt Down and Kill MasonMason has been killed. I should retrieve the key to the control room from his body
90 Retrieve Control Room Key
100 Proceed to Control Room
110 Activate the Main Power SwitchWith the parks fully under our control, and our presence firmly established in the Commonwealth, it's time to switch on the power to Nuka-World and let the world know that our gangs are here to stay.
120 Speak to Gage
255Quest finishedIcon checkQuest completeGage has told me that even though we've established our presence, there's plenty of caps out there just waiting to be taken, and as long as I keep bringing them in, the gangs will always have my back.


  • There are eight territories that can and must be acquired before reaching this point in the main story, the five parks and the first three raider outposts established in the Commonwealth. As there are three gangs, it is impossible to evenly-distribute the territory enough to keep everyone happy. The best the player can do is a 3-3-2, 3-2-3, or 2-3-3 split for Disciples, Operators, and Pack respectively, thus the gang with only two or fewer territories will always rebel. That being said, if a particular gang is given three territories or more early on in the allocation, then their loyalty is essentially secure and all the rewards that come with it.
  • If in the Commonwealth, Shank tells the player to return to Nuka-World and sort out this problem, and he will not offer dialogue to begin more raiding missions until this quest is complete.
  • Grenade traps are scattered around the plant, and due to tight spaces, can kill even the toughest of players. People with a high Sneak should also be wary due to the two/three Raiders accompying you, as they set off the traps.
  • After establishing the first outpost in Home Sweet Home, special grenades to aid in the capture of raider settlements and their recipes become available by speaking to high-ranking gang members (Dixie, Lizzie Wyath, and Mason). If the recipe is not obtained before the gang becomes hostile, it will no longer be available.
  • After defeating the traitorous gang and turning on the power, speaking to the two surviving gang leaders will provide some followup dialogue and new weapons to complement the unlocked perks:
  • Nisha provides a Disciple cutlass with the Instigating legendary effect, which deals double damage to enemies with full health
  • Mags provides an Operators sniper rifle with the Relentless legendary effect, which refills Action Points on a critical hit
  • Mason provides a puncturing rocket bat with the Furious legendary effect, which deals increasing damage for each consecutive hit on the same target
  • After the power is turned back on, new areas in the Nuka-World parks become available to explore, with secrets to uncover:
  • Should the player complete the quest Open Season, they will get a miscellaneous objective to reactivate the power to the Nuka World in the same vein as it happens in this quest. Therefore, choosing to kill the gang leaders and liberate Nuka-World will not cut the player off from items accessible only in the sealed areas.
  • After finishing this quest, the player will receive perks according to which gangs didn't betray you.

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