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Problem is, it turns out that giving convicts a bunch of dynamite and blasting powder isn't the best idea.


The Powder Gangers are raiders operating in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


When the NCR expanded eastward into Nevada they took over the old Southern Nevada Correctional Facility in Jean, creating the NCR Correctional Facility in its place. The facility is located near train tracks that run parallel to highway I-15 and the convicts were used to maintain and expand them. As explained by Powder Gangers, no correcting was done, only manual labor. So when the majority of NCR troops guarding the facility were called away to patrol the Colorado River, the convicts decided to take things into their own hands and take over the facility using improvised weapons and explosives.

Because the rail crews often used explosives (typically dynamite) to blast through rock, the prisoners inevitably acquired small amounts which they hid in their cells. When they made their break, they blasted their way out. The interior of the prison was clearly the scene of a large riot where the prisoners used explosives, improvised weapons and stolen NCR trooper equipment to kill the remaining guards, breaking through the prison walls and scattering into the desert. Most of the prisoners were not in on the escape plan but were caught up in the moment. Consequently, a lot of them didn't really know where to go when the dust settled.


There are several groups of loosely organized Powder Gangers, many remain in the prison and have been raiding surrounding areas under the leadership of Eddie. There are factions of Powder Gangers spread far along the south-west part of the Mojave Wasteland, as far down as Nipton.

The smaller groups of Powder Gangers are all lead by a strong or cunning underboss, like Joe Cobb. A large contingent of Powder Gangers can be found in Vault 19 under the leadership of Samuel Cooke, although there they are identified as escaped convicts.

Relations with the outside

Due to their hostility, the Powder Gangers have little to no friendly relations with outside groups. They are hated by both the NCR, for reasons that should be obvious, and Caesar's Legion, for harassing Legion raiding parties west of the Colorado river. In fact, if the Courier gets too close to their camps, whilst wearing Powder Ganger faction clothing, they will typically attack even if the Courier is on good terms with them.

Neutral relations are not completely unheard of, as seen in Nipton, although they are very rare.


The favored and most common weapons among the Powder Gangers are explosives, primarily the powder charges and dynamite which they acquired during their time in prison and escape. However, they also have a large arsenal of guns; some stolen, others looted from dead NCRCF guards.

Interactions with the player character


Run Goodsprings Run: Side with Joe Cobb against the town of Goodsprings and help kill Ringo.
Eddie's Emissary: Earn the trust of the Powder Gangers in the NCRCF.
I Fought the Law: Run errands for Eddie in the NCRCF.
Why Can't We Be Friends?: Help Samuel Cooke or Philip Lem with a few tasks in Vault 19.
Booted: Free the enslaved Powder Gangers from the Legion camp.

Effects of player actions

Completing Ghost Town Gunfight will earn negative reputation with the Powder Gangers.


  • "I have a present for you from the Powder Gangers. I hope you like dynamite."
  • "You eyeballing me?"
  • "You'll pay for what you did to the Powder Gangers!"
  • "Damn. Running low on smokes again."
  • "Any lawman who comes after me won't have it easy."


There are several looted caravans along the Long 15 with Powder Gangers hovering around the area. One in particular, a Crimson Caravans caravan slightly northeast of Jean Sky Diving, has a rather sinister scene with a few dead guards, the only female of which is stripped of her outfit (unlike the male guards, who are still wearing their leather armor).


Powder Gangers appear in Fallout: New Vegas and J.E. Sawyer's Fallout RPG. The 215 Rail Line Powder Gang were also due to appear in Black Isle's canceled Fallout 3.

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